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Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

Thank you for your understanding. It really means so much that you all are here to listen and give great advice Smiley Happy 

I am feeling very stuck, there is not much choice I am able to make... 

I'm worried that if he waits for me he'll miss out on something better, and what if nothing changes and he waits for no reason:/ I have a nagging suspicion that that is what will happen if I'm honest. I've trapped myself in a situation where I cant move or I'll no doubt hurt others with my actions:/ I hate hurting people, and disappointing them.. I feel like it would be way better for everyone if I wasnt here:/ 

We can still be great friends... I will try to find positives in everything. I guess I always focus on negatives and that definitely isnt helping the situation.. That advice is really helpful, I didnt think of doing anything like that if Im honest, and I will try it all the time. Thank you so much 


Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

@dontstopmenow Feeling stuck is a really hard way to feel. 
I don't know if this will be comforting at all, but the sure thing about life is that is keeps on moving forwards, and that with time things do inevitably change - including feelings. 

I can hear how much pain you're in and it really does suck. As was said before, matters of the heart can be the most heavy to experience, and certainly not something that will get better over night, but will take time. 

I love that idea of turning negative to positive.. we have a whole thread over here for just that - it might be helpful to see how others have re framed their own situations from being negative to positive. 


You've said that sometimes you feel like it would be better for other people if you weren't around - I just want to check in and ask if you are having any thoughts of ending your life? If you are, first of all - that's okay. It can be a scary and painful thought, but it is just a thought. Second of all, its important that you tell someone about this who can help you to work on a way through - these supports over here are good options if the thoughts ever get more intense. 


Let us know how you are today, we're here for you! Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

Thank you! I have heard that a lot, it's always good for it to be confirmed though. 

I will definitely check out the thread. 

Yeah.. I have had thoughts like that I guess.. I dont want to die but I really feel like it'd be easier for others? I'd be too scared to though.. I'll look at the supports, thanks. 

I'm doing worse today, I just found out that the person I was speaking about in the start of the thread is considering suicide or something.. I dont know what to do. I just spent the past couple hours texting him(against my parent's rules) trying to help him be safe.. No one else is trying to help him that I know of, it's really only me. I dont even know if anyone else knows how much he is hurting. I have suggested to him going onto reachout to get help but I am worried. I made him promise not to do anything until we can talk in person which is a couple weeks. But I dont know what to do, I caused him to hurt so that he is thinking this way... What do I say to him? How do I help?? 


Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

Hey @dontstopmenow, glad to hear you are finding these suggestions helpful. Thanks for being honest about how you have been feeling.. although you feel scared, it is still important to take it seriously. Have you told anyone about these feelings? If not, as @gina-RO mentioned, the supports linked will be a great place to start as they are anonymous.

The most important thing is to make sure your friend is safe. If they are at risk of harming themselves, they need to contact 000 as a priority. There are also other crisis support services here that you can recommend them to chat to as well. They should also really let an adult know how they are feeling so that they can get the support they need Heart We are always here to listen and thanks for recommending us! Keep in mind that we provide peer support and not crisis support so professional support is often necessary.

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

I feel like I'm just being dramatic... I have tried to tell my mum and before telling her that I thought about it and stuff I always chicken out... She knows I have been struggling lately so she suggested for me to go to a psychologist, I'm worried that my problems aren't important enough for that though. Like there are so many people who have it worse and need the services more than me I guess:/ It's also expensive... And we aren't exactly rich at the moment. Thank you for the support links, I think anonymous will really help me to be more comfortable with it. 

Okay, I will do that. I'll send the links and will try to help them let an adult know. I'll keep it in mind. Thank you for all the advice. Smiley Happy

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

hi @dontstopmenow

its great that your mum is already supportive and has noticed youve been struggling. It sounds like shes trying to help but is also not pushing you to talk either. you are entitled and welcomed to seek help and support for yourself even if you think others have it worse (dont worry many of us think thats the case Smiley Happy )

If you speak to your gp you can access a mental health care plan which means that you have 10 psychology sessions free with a qualified therapist of either your chosing (by doing your own research) or you can ask your gp to suggest someone. Headspace is good for those under the age of 25 and the sessions are free.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

@dontstopmenow Welcome! Smiley Very Happy I haven't spoken to you yet I don't think - I really like your username! Smiley Happy (I like using lots of smileys Smiley Tongue )

Firstly I wanted to reassure you that you aren't being dramatic.
It sounds like you're worried about accessing professional help due to cost and worried that others need help first. It also sounds like there's a bit of worry around telling your mum about it. They sound like tough hurdles to jump. @scared01 has given you some great info about headspace and the fact that a referral to a GP will give you 10 rebated or free sessions (This will vary pending on practitioner)

I'm also so glad to hear how caring you are of your friend and are going to pass the links on Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

Thanks! I didnt know you could get free sessions that's helpful to look into, I really appreciate all your advice and understanding @scared01 and @Bee. <3

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

We found a way to talk... And I full on ended 'us'... this hurts so bad and I don't know how to deal with it...

@Bee @Taylor-RO @scared01 @gina-RO

Re: when your heart doesnt stop hurting

I'm sorry @dontstopmenow, that must of been so hard for you. Do you think you made the right decision?