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Re: why is this happening!!!

@Talitha93 You've gone through so much and I truly admire your strength right now.


Every day you're here on this earth, you're still writing your story. And there's still plenty to be written in your story.


You may not be able to go back to what you were before right away, your body has gone through too much  for that, but that version of you is not lost. Nothing has been lost. Your goals and wishes in life are still there. They're just put on hold for now while you get through this tough time. You can even create a new you, with all the good qualities you had before. 


When you're feeling down think about all those things you still want to do. All those pages you still need to fill in your story. Everytime you think about it say:


WHEN I GET THROUGH THIS. I will travel to this place.


WHEN I GET THROUGH THIS. I'm going to learn this new thing.


Brain wash yourself with this thought. Send a million signals to it a day until this tough time passes. Come out of this the strongest version of yourself.


I hope this helps, I just really wanted to say something. 

Re: why is this happening!!!

@NutellaBuster thank you. 

asi was reading your reply i couldnt help but to burst into tears. 

before i got sick i go tselected to play soccer for NSW and it sucks that now that i cant do that now. and even if i do get better thats something ill never be able to get back.. 


this time last year i was getting ready to go overseas for a month and this year im waiting to find out what the hell if going on with me.. why does everything have to change why do people get sick, what the hell is going on with this.. im over waiting for results, im over spending more days in hospital then i do at home. 


sorry i, ranitng again.. 


ill give it a go thanks for giving me some advice <3 


Re: why is this happening!!!

Hey @Talitha93 


You don't have to be sorry about getting upset. It's absolutely natural and expected that you would be at the end of your rope, emotionally, after what you've been through.

It's terrible going from being selected to play soccer for NSW to being really sickk and not knowing what's wrong with. It makes perfect sense that you would need to rant. Go for it!!


If you need to release some more hurt and anger, you coud try punching some pillows. Smiley Happy


Anyone else got some tips to help Talitha vent some of the built up anger and frustration?