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worst week ever....

I just gone through my worst week.... I was supposed to film a dance video with my friends on Friday, but I got a bone fraction with my feet when I was practicing dance at home on Friday morning because I accidentally kicked the wall, so the plan was obviously canceled because of my injury.. anyways, it felt really bad because I live alone so I had to go to the GP by myself, take X ray in the hospital by myself in the morning... (because it's really painful so I really miss my families at that point). I also felt bad because that was supposed to be the first dance video ever since my lower back was injured and I'd taken rest for 2 years from dance, so I was actually super looking forward to that and now it's gone Smiley Sad

Re: worst week ever....

Hi @Macaria Smiley Happy

I am sorry to hear that this past week has not run as smoothly as you had hoped for! I can completely understand how hopeless an injury can make you feel, especially when it impacts the things you love to do most! Did you receive any information from the hospital about your recovery and any necessary processes you will need to take for the healing? 

I wonder if you would be able to ask your friends if you can be apart of the filming/editing process, rather than the dancing? This could make you feel apart of the project too, especially if you were looking forward to it Smiley Happy

Speedy Recovery! 

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Re: worst week ever....

Ouch! It must have been so scary having to go to the GP and hospital by yourself @Macaria. Smiley Sad
It must have also been disappointing to have to cancel the filming of the video, especially after waiting so long to get back into dance. Smiley Sad Do you have any other things you can look forward to in order to take your mind off this setback?
You managed to get through this week, which is a big achievement. I hope you can feel better soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Heart

Re: worst week ever....

Hi @Macaria, I'm sorry you went through that. Going to the hospital by yourself is daunting, and I think many other people will agree with me. Being able to go there on your own, especially during these troubling times, is an amazing feat! I hope you have a speedy recovery, and the ReachOut community is here for you HeartHeartHeart

Re: worst week ever....

Oh no! It must be very painful and feel very disappointed to miss something you have been looking forward to. On top of that, you had to go through it alone. It must take lots of courage and mental strength. How is the injury now? I wish you to feel better soon!

Re: worst week ever....

@Macaria Ouch, that must have really hurt on both a physical and emotional level. How are you coping with it all? How long until you can dance again, can you plan something for that day/time to look forward to? 


Re: worst week ever....

That sounds frustrating @Macaria Smiley Sad Having to go through that all alone must have been hard. I hope you feel better and can dance again soon Heart



Re: worst week ever....

Hi @Macaria 


Hope you are alright, and that your recovery is going well. It can be really upsetting and disappointing when something you are really keen on gets derailed for one reason or another. But I'm sure you will find another time in the future to make your dance video, and in the meantime maybe you can think up of new dances? (idk if that's possible if your resting, but just throwing ideas out). Do you know how long your recovery will take? 



Re: worst week ever....

Hey @Macaria 


It's been a while...How are you going? I can only imagine how painful and disappointing that must have been Smiley Sad


You are so strong for getting through it all though and I'm so proud of you! What kind of dance was it?

Re: worst week ever....

hi @marcaria
im sorry you have a broken foot and that you had to go to the hospital yourself. i can only imagine how daunting that mightve felt
i really hope that this week will be better for you despite having a fracture.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**