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Considering Yoga to shape up

Good day everyone! Was just wondering if there are members here who are also in to Yoga exercises? What school you go to and do you also do online yoga?

Re: Considering Yoga to shape up

Hey @gustavowoltmann. Welcome to RO Smiley Happy From what I'Ve heard yoga is awesome exercise and really good for your mind AND your body. It looks like this website - - has a lot of videos that you can stream for free. Haven't used it myself though. You might also be able to check out some videos on YouTube for free? 


Just also wanted to let you know that on RO we're not able to give out personal details, like what school we go to - this is to help keep the forums safe and anonymous. You can have a look at the community guidelines here - 


And feel free to come and introduce yourself in this thread if you haven't already! Smiley Happy 

Re: Considering Yoga to shape up

hmm.. I posted a reply a couple of days ago, but it must of been eaten by a bug Smiley Sad

I used to do yoga every so often and I really liked it, if I had more time its something I'd start doing it again.
What benefits has it had for you?
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Re: Considering Yoga to shape up

@gustavowoltmann I used to practice yoga in a studio with a teacher and at home with Youtube. I found Yoga With Adrienne really good for yoga at home. 


In terms of shaping up, yoga can be really good for improving your core strength, balance and flexibility. And there are lots of different types of yoga you can try out Smiley Happy


/What matters most is that you enjoy it though.

Re: Considering Yoga to shape up

Hi @gustavowoltmann, I haven't done Yoga before but I am really into Pilates, which has similar moves to Yoga but is a bit more dynamic. I actually do it at home and I follow Blogilates on YouTube, because I generally don't like the slowness of the other pilates instructors, as I like things that are more active and energetic. So it really depends on what you are into!

As for actually shaping up, Yoga is great for developing balance, core strength, toning and flexibility. I know a lot of gyms offer yoga classes and you may be able to sign up for a free 7 day membership to check it out before committing, so why not have a look and see if it's for you Smiley Happy
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Re: Considering Yoga to shape up

I do vinyasa style yoga, and really enjoy it. I like that it flows, and that it's athletic. I find hatha style to be too meandering, and ashtanga style to be too regimented. I tried bikram once and found it to be agonising... That heat and humidity is just a bit too much. I'd be wary of bikram if you have a tendency for anxiety/panic... I don't have a tendecy for panic, but felt quite trapped in the room and could imagine becoming panicky if I dwelled on the trapped feeling. Vinyasa and I are a good fit! I take classes at my local gym.


I've come across though, and have been meaning to give it a go... they're a relatively affordable subscription online yoga class. I believe they have a free trial period if you want to give it a go! I personally find that practicing yoga by attending in-person classes is more fun, and less of a challenge in gaining a routine, but online might work really well for some!