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Depression Milestone



next week will be four years since , my last Depression episode. I really want to do something to mark the occassion and to celebrate but, I'm not sure what.

Re: Depression Milestone

Hey @Clarke that is such a great idea! Definitely something to celebrate. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing/eating/watching/playing? Maybe you can have a day where you just indulge in all the thing you love the most? 

Re: Depression Milestone

Hi @Clarke!
That is definitely something to be proud of! What a major milestone. Smiley Happy
The only thing I could suggest would be having a special day just for you. You could do something that enjoy doing, go somewhere exciting or fun, or pamper yourself. You deserve it! Smiley Happy
You could also write a letter to yourself acknowledging the day and how far you've come. It could be something to look back on over the years as a reminder of your resilience.


Re: Depression Milestone

hi @Clarke 

awesome news! 4 yrs is an awesome milestone 

you could plan a day of pampering, or spend the day doing your fave things, buy some new things for your hobbie/s, go out to a nice restaurant ?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Depression Milestone

Congratulations on your amazing milestone! That's incredible, you're so strong Heart as to what to do to celebrate, is there anything you've been wanting to do for a while but you haven't gotten around to for whatever reason? this may the perfect day for that Smiley Very Happy whatever you do though, i'm sure it will be very special