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Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March


May be an image of one or more people, people standing and text that says "Are we Still really for this Shit? Unbeliey able"

Today at midday there will be a series of marches across Australia, marching in protest against gendered violence and aiming to achieve equality and justice in Australian society


 It’s a grassroots movement that has grown in just a few weeks, and today will culminate in a series of marches in capital cities and regional centres across Australia, with organisers also presenting two petitions to Canberra, calling for gender equality and justice for victims of sexual assault.  


OFFICIAL Cairns Womens March 4 Justice (NOTE: Different Day and Time),  Fogarty Park, Cairns, 14 March 2021


 March 4 Justice is for women, non-binary people, and anyone with lived experience as a woman.  But more broadly, it’s for everyone who wants an end to gendered violence – people from all backgrounds are welcome as allies as well as attendees.


The last few weeks in particular have been really tough for a lot of people, especially with media coverage of some really distressing events- a lot of people have been sharing stories of sexual violence, misogyny and the anger and frustration can sometimes feel pretty overwhelming. Today is a chance for women and their allies to make their voices heard, and to bring to light what often isn’t talked about enough. 


We want change': Women across Australia are set to March 4 Justice against  violence and misogyny



We also wanted to acknowledge that this week could be triggering for people who’ve experienced sexual assault and violence, if you feel like you could use some more support check out these organisations, ReachOut have a more extensive list of support services across Australia here



Provides confidential sexual assault and family and domestic violence counselling via phone and webchat. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Phone: 1800 737 732

Blue Knot Foundation

Provides phone and email-based support for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, as well as for their supporters and the professionals who work with them. Available 9 am to 5 pm, seven days a week.

Phone: 1300 657 380


The Bravehearts information and support line can be accessed by anyone wanting information or support relating to child sexual assault. Available 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 1800 272 831

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If you want to find out more about this movement you can check out their website here 


If you can’t make it to a march today but would like to follow what’s happening or get involved there’s a bunch of ways to do that: 


SMH is giving live coverage of the various March4Justice events across the country here


You can sign the petition here


You can also follow along on social media #March4Jusice #EnoughIsEnough #WhyIMarch, on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


The March4Justice Facebook page is also livestreaming from a lot of the events here

And one more suggestion that I loved was cranking up “I am Woman” at midday - here’s some footage from yesterday’s march in Perth. 

We’d love to hear from anyone who does attend a march today - look after yourselves and stay safe. 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March

Thanks so much for sharing and increasing the visibility of this! I honestly didn't know this was on, but because of this post I was able to catch a livestream of the protest in my city. I wish I could have went in person but I'm not in the head space for it, anyway. It's frustrating and exhausting and disheartening that we seem to be having the same conversations over and over again, but I love seeing groups of people all passionate about the same issue. 

Re: Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March

It's heartbreaking we need this...

I really hope these protests open up some conversations about consent and respect amongst people who need to be taught about them.

Maybe one day we'll be able to feel safe being outside at night.

Re: Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March

Hey @Hozzles and @Tiny_leaf,


It truly is unbelievable that these conversations still need to happen in this day in age and it's very sad that more people do not understand the importance of this topic.  I agree that it is so great to see people marching together in solidarity.  I passionately believe that the day will dawn and these conversations will be in the hearts and minds of everyone everywhere.  

Re: Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March

Thanks for making this thread @Janine-RO.
I hate how widespread sexual harassment and sexual violence are. It's ridiculous that we need a protest like this in our day and age. I wish I could have made it to one.
I have recently been asked to share my recovery story and I think it's a fitting time to share it. If we all raise awareness of these issues, maybe other survivors will realise they're not alone and have the courage to come forward and possibly get support.

Re: Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March

Hey @WheresMySquishy,


It's so brave and powerful to share stories of recovery.  Indeed most survivors can believe that they are the only ones who have this struggle and unfortunately it is far too common.  All survivors deserve to be heard and to be supported.


Try to be gentle with yourself when sharing your story and have supports around you that can be there for you, if you think you need it.  

Re: Enough Is Enough: Women's March4Justice Monday 15 March

@WheresMySquishy  @Tiny_leaf  @Hozzles  I've been reading your posts and going "yes!! exactly this!!" - I'm so glad that seeing this post helped to make the event visible for you Hozzles, and  i couldn't agree more. Part of me is heartbroken, tired, and so frustrated that we are still having to have these conversations - but I have also been feeling really energised and hopeful that this movement will truly bring about some substantial change, it was amazing to see so many people from a huge variety of backgrounds and experiences being mobilised to have their voices heard. 


@WheresMySquishy  I think that sharing stories of survival is an incredibly brave and powerful thing to do, like @MaryRO  said I hope you're well supported, know that we are all here for you any time. 


I was incredibly moved reading some of the speeches from yesterday, especially Brittany Higgins, but there were so many incredible and diverse people speaking - this link has some of the content if you're interested in checking any of it out Heart 


Check out our community activities calendar here