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Happy International Women's Day 2021

Today is International Women's Day!

I feel like this is a much-needed day, especially with the treatment of women being highlighted in the media over the last couple of weeks.
This year's theme is Choose To Challenge.
You can read more about International Women's Day here.


How will you celebrate this day?

Re: Happy International Women's Day 2021

Hey @WheresMySquishy ! Thanks so much for this thread! Happy International Women's Day to you all Heart


I am celebrating this day by getting in touch with the awesome women in my life. What about you @WheresMySquishy ? 

Thanks for highlighting the importance of this day, particularly with the recent treatment of women in the media. I watched Meghan Markles interview with Oprah yesterday and it was kind of amazing. It certainly highlighted the need for intersectionality and compassion Heart


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Re: Happy International Women's Day 2021

@Hannah-RO  I also watched that interview @Hannah-RO! It was certainly an eye-opener.
We ended up celebrating the day at work with special stickers.