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Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019

Wear it Purple Day


Purple Video Art GIF by Brink


Wear it Purple Day is an annual celebration of the LGBTIQ+ Community - and this years theme is “Stand Up & Stand Out”. Events and discussions take place across the nation on this day in the hope to promote inclusion and acceptance of queer people in all aspects of civil life. If you'd like to read more about Wear it Purple follow the link


Stand Up & Stand Out pays tribute to the strong queer leaders that have paved the way for others to find acceptance but also recognised that not everyone is in the position to come out - and that's okay too. 

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In the spirit of Wear it Purple Day I thought we'd get a discussion going about strong queer leaders/inspirations. It  could be someone you know personally or maybe a historical figure. 




  • Share a picture of something purple
  • Tell us who your favourite queer icon/role leader is and why?



To get the ball rolling my favourite queer icon is Marsha Johnson 


marsha p johnson lgbt GIF


Marsha was a leader during the gay civil rights movement as well as the AIDS crisis. She was a self identified drag queen who took part in the Stonewall uprising - which spurred a lot of passion for queer rights Heart She is such an inspiration to me because she was one of the person people to unite the gay community with gender non-conformists - this allowed our community to grow and for our presence to change. 

Re: Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019

@Bre-RO I forgot it was Wear it Purple day today!!

You've given me just enough time to find something purple to wear before I leave for a class!!

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Re: Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019

@Tiny_leaf oh I'm glad its reminded you! Hope you have a great class Heart

Re: Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019


Happy Wear it Purple Day everyone!

Since I love history, here are some queer historical figures:
- Harvey Milk, known for being the first openly gay elected official in California. He helped to advance LGBTIQ+ rights.
- Julie D'Aubigny. They had a very colourful life.
- James Barry. They lived much of their life as a man and helped a lot of people through medicine.
- Anne Lister, who kept diaries of her same-sex relationships.
- Oliver Sacks, a very famous neurologist who wrote a lot of famous books about neurological disorders. His work was the inspiration for a film.
- Freddie Mercury, lead vocalist of Queen.
- Queen Anne, whose close relationships with women inspired the film The Favourite.
- Alan Turing, a computer scientist who is considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and helped win the Second World War. He was prosecuted for his sexuality during his lifetime but ended up receiving a posthumous pardon. This led to the establishment of a law that pardoned other people who were prosecuted for their sexuality.


Re: Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019

sorry I am late to this! 

I don't really know of any leaders. But someone who is influential to me was a previous peer supporter. she was very open about her relationships and wasn't afraid to say she was Bi, she was a great lbgti advocate in her area and helped me to feel ok that its normal to question sexuality. 


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019

I am bit late to this too! 


Happy wear it purple day! It is such an fantastic campaign to create awareness for the LGBTIQ+ Community


@WheresMySquishy you listed so many Icons, another one I thought of is Hector Xtravaganza: He was was a member of the House of Xtravaganza and well-known figure in the NYC ballroom scene (creating safe spaces for queer people of colour), entertainer, fashion stylist, and public advocate for HIV/AIDS and  LGBTIQ+  organizations.


I am inspired by anyone that has gone before me and everyone who continues to pave their own path today in the LGBTIQ+ Community


We featured some great tips on our Instagram account that came from our gender discussion you can see them here


I also picked myself up some purple socks, which is a passion of mine. 

Forgot to take a picture but you can see them below 





Re: Happy Wear it Purple Day 2019

@WheresMySquishy  so many queer leaders!! thanks for the mini history lesson Heart 


There's an amazing movie about Harvey Milk called "Milk" - I watched it last year before I went on a tour in San Fran. I got to see where he lived and had his photography shop which was so amazing.  It makes me so grateful that there were so many brave people throughout history that stood up for love Heart