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Interested in getting involved in ReachOut's research?

Hi everyone! 

Want to learn more about your own wellbeing? Want to be part of an exciting online study with heaps of other young people like you? Whether you’re a frequent poster on the forum, or like to have a read, our research team at ReachOut HQ want to hear from you! 


We’d love to invite you to take part in the next wave of Check-In, an online study by ReachOut where you will complete quick, fun surveys over 12 weeks.


You’ll have the chance to learn heaps about yourself and your wellbeing, as well as the chance to win $50 gift cards each week. At the end of the study, you will receive a personalised Wellbeing Report about how you’ve been feeling, your strengths, the good things you’re doing to take care of yourself and suggestions on what else you could try.


Sounds good? Click here to see if you are eligible to take part.