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Introducing the New Community Guidelines!

Hello Community!


You may have noticed yesterday that the "About" section of the forums look a bit different! This is because yesterday was the first day of introducing our NEW Community Guidelines!


Why change them?

As our community is growing, we want to make sure that our guidelines are as clear and engaging as possible. With more and more young people accessing the forums each day, it is ReachOut staff and moderator's jobs to make sure that conversations on the forums are safe for everyone. Updating our guidelines is one way we can help our members know how to post here, and when staff or moderators might step in to help keep conversations safe and supportive. 


So, what is different?

  1. We have given the guidelines a make over, so they are more visual to read Smiley Happy
  2. We know that posting to the forums takes a lot of courage, and it can be hard to know where to start, so these guidelines have a stronger focus on how to post in this community (The "What we want to see" column) Smiley Happy 
  3. You will also notice that we now have a  Community Values thread too- these are based on ReachOut's six values and tell us what is important to our community and what we want our community to look like.

 Good News Smile GIF by Mia Page

How can I learn more?

We are live as of Monday the 4th of Feb 2019 and you can see the new guidelines here! We will have a number of community activities over the next couple of weeks to help you learn more about the guidelines! In the meantime, our staff and moderators will be around to help you adjust to the new guidelines Smiley Happy 


Check out our community activities calendar here