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LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

Marriage equality and Safe Schools content (among other stuff) in the media and in everyday life has been getting a lot of people in the community down for a while now. With all the negativity and hate, this thread is a place to talk it out, and also to share the positive stuff that's happening in the community because there is SO MUCH of that too! 


Post articles about cool stuff people in the queer community are doing, random acts of kindness, positive conversations etc or talk about how you're feeling or getting through all the negative stuff. It's up to you! You don't have to identify as LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer +) to post either, let's ALL share the love and feels Heart Smiley Happy



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Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

I'll start it off with an article I found on Buzzfeed of artistic motivational messages in honour of Coming Out day a couple of days ago. Check it out here. So cool! They even have a video showing the designers creating the images as well.


Today in honor of National Coming Out Day we drew some encouraging and motivational messages for our Facebook Live viewers.

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

I love that Coming Out day is a thing! Especially when my twitter feed looks like this... Smiley Tongue


Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

I am so here for this thread!! Smiley Very Happy No kidding, I spent most of my class today doodling 'queer' in different fonts on my notebook. Anyway this is my favourite quote about being LGBTQIA+, it's from a transgender person called Starlady: 


"We can be whoever we want to be. We can do whatever we want to do. Just be yourself, and you'll be alright." 


🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

I saw Starlady at a festival a few months ago @DruidChild! It was pretty awesome and inspiring Smiley Happy

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

YAS @Rainbow Lane amazing thread! In terms of the media I am still blown away by Sia's latest video dedicated to Orlando

The Greatest - Sia   What were everyone's thoughts on the clip?

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

That's awesome @roseisnotaplant Smiley Happy She's a very inspiring person! 


@Bree-RO I love The Greatest! When it came out I spent a morning watching it on repeat! I like that it doesn't try to be cheery and share-the-love type thing - because there's a place for that, but I don't think Orlando is that place. It's almost like a mourning song but it's pretty motivating as well. 


Oh, and I have a positive story to share: the first person I came out to as maybe-trans was my old psych. Basically I was like 'I think I might be trans' and he responded with 'okay, cool' and asked me about pronouns Smiley Happy He was also pretty awesome when I told him about being in love with a girl. It's nice to know that there's good, accepting people out there Smiley Happy 

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

This is such a great thread!! I don't have any articles or anything like that, but I did talk to one of my coworkers the other day who is in a committed relationship with her girlfriend, and listening to her "complain" about her gf's quirks (quotation marks because you could tell she thought it was also kind of endearing) and talk about how long they'd been together was so cute!!


As a girl who likes girls, its so nice to hear about committed same-gender relationships IRL, since you never really see happy, committed LGBT couples in the media unfortunately. It's a nice reminder that you can be happy with whomever you fall in love with, regardless of their gender or yours.

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

Aw that's such a sweet story @safari93 Smiley Happy 


And this photoset was pretty cool - Love is Lifting These Queer Couples High

Re: LGBTIQ+ Talk - Sharing the Love and Feels

Hellooo. I made a list of things that were helpful for me, and other people might find them helpful, who knows. Smiley Tongue


roseisnotaplant’s list of LGBTQI+ resources (exclusively from YouTube lol)


Dodie Clark’s super chill bi video


Shannon’s updated vid


Ingrid Nilsen. Oh my GOD. The FEELS.






Rose Dix








Also Amanda


Alexis’ super chill label-less video


Hannah Hart’s awesome playlist of awesomeness (this one helped me the most)



Chandler coming out as agender


Anima (okay but Anima’s gaming channel is amazing)


Jackson Bird (FTM)


Ashley Mardell’s whole entire channel just watch all of the videos they’re amazing Ashley you’re great


Emma’s “I’m confused AAGH” video which is so important for so many people


I’ve probably forgotten some. Basically YouTube has been the best resource for me by far. High recommend. Ten out of ten, would watch again.