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Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

ReachOut is hosting a fundraiser in March this year - sign up here now to get involved. 


Question for you: Do you like swimming? I love the calm feeling of being under water, and being in the rhythm.  Tell us how you feel about swimming in the replies. 


The month-long event we're running is called Laps For Life, and is all about getting in the water, and swimming whatever you can to raise money and save lives. 


All you need to do to get involved, is to set up an account, set your goal then dive on in!


Whether you're swimming in a pool or getting out into the ocean, log your laps as you swim through the month of March. You can swim as many times as you'd like to reach your goal. 

Swim as often as you like – and record your laps so that your supporters know how you’re progressing.


Raise money, form a team if you'd like - and have fun! 


Swimming is a great way to get away from the constant pressures of life, and focus on your breathe and your body. 


Let us know if you've decided to get involved in the replies. 


Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

Absolutely love this! Can't wait to get involved Heart

Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

I'm so glad I stumbled across this thread! I was a competitive swimmer growing up and now (many years later) find it hard to get in the pool and do something that I once loved.


I've signed myself up and set a challenging but attainable goal of 20kms and am excited to see how this goes and actually get back in the pool. 

Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

yay so good to hear you're getting involved @queenP !!! Awesome to hear you're raising so much money as well!! 


@Maddyw  that is so awesome to hear - amazing to hear you've set yourself a challenge - let us know how you go!! 


Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

Just a quick update on my progress before I go for my 4th swim. After tonight I should be a quarter of the way to my distance goal, which I'm very happy about. It feels good to be back in the pool, even if I am much slower than I used to be. 


Very humbled by how well received my page was when I shared it on my facebook. More likes and positive comments than I could have imagined. The number of people who have donated already also blew my mind. It just goes to show more people care than what you may think Heart 


Excited for the rest of the month to see if I can push to swim further than I initially challenged myself too.

Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fun@draiser

@Maddyw  This is so amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing. 
Already swam four times and half way to your goal??? You're putting me to shame- but also inspiring me Smiley Very Happy


So lovely to hear how supported you've been by friends and family. 

Please keep sharing with us how you go! 

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Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

Hi there Laps for Life stars!


We are now in the last 11 days of our swimming challenge! How are you tracking with your laps?


Ian Thorpe has been an ambassador for the Laps for Life challenge, and earlier this week Ian was speaking with the media about his experience with depression and why he is supporting Laps for Life.


For those interested in hearing Ian's story, you can check it out here:



Did you know we have new Community Guidelines? You can check them out here

Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

Hi all, just another quick update as we are approaching the last week of the challenge.


So far I have swam 16.5km of my pledged 20km and have surpassed my fundraising goal of $400! Smiley Very Happy 


My overall experience participating in Laps for Life has been really, really positive. I am enjoying the swimming more than I thought I would and will definitely continue to pursue it after the challenge, but what I have been enjoying the most however is talking to my coworkers and customers (I just so happen to work at a pool lol) about Laps for Life and Reach Out. At work I am quite reserved, but participating in the challenge and having people see me participate in the challenge has allowed me to build better connections with people and share the work Reach Out does and why I wanted to get involved. 


Heres to the final week and reaching my 20km's! 

Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

One last update on my laps for life experience. I have now completed my 20km's and have since been convinced to sign up for an ocean swim over the easter long weekend next month! Good thing I have been practicing lol

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be participating again next year with an even more challenging goal and on a team with my sister who wants to get involved!

Re: Laps for Life: Get involved ReachOut fundraiser

That's so incredible @Maddyw, I am so inspired by your commitment!