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Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

It's good to read that talking to people here has been helpful @HelloHi

The community is always here to chat through the kinds of things you've been going through! You're not alone Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

Thanks @Bre-RO

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

Heya I just wanted to jump on this discussion as it a super important topic. Thanks to everyone who has opened up top work! It has been really good to hear all of stories, it helps us all feel normal in our struggles and not alone!!! For me I struggled with my body since a little kid as I didn't feel connected to being a female, I was a tomboy. I was bullied all the time for how I dressed and acted plus I had red hair and lots of freckles, I wasn't seen as "normal" and because of this it led to a lot of self hate. I had a lot going on with my family and felt a bit out control, to try and regain control I became obsessed with exercise and I became an unhealthy weight. When I looked in the mirror I would focus on every detail that I didn't see as perfect. it was a hard battle with self hatred, but once I started to understand that I didn't want to be "normal" I wanted to be me and that meant understand and accepting my sexuality and that I am non-binary, I became much more healthier! I feel like my journey has been like looking into a dirty mirror, slowly but surely the mirror started to become clean and I saw the real me and I bloody love it! 

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

@Claire-RO what an inspirational story! You’re so amazing!! Heart thank you for sharing that Smiley Happy I’m so happy that you have accepted/found who you are!

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

@HelloHi I just wanted to pop in here to say we are here for you, and send a big virtual hug!


I feel like I understand a bit of what you went through with the counsellor at school. I have had many really unpleasant encounters with counsellors in the past, and became really put off the whole thing. Counsellors are just like everyone else, some people you just don't really mesh well with.

I am glad to hear you are safe and finding that this community is offering you some of the support you need. For me personally, I was put off counselling for a long time after my bad experiences, however, at the end of last year I was able to find somebody who really helped me a lot and made me feel heard and valid. It really doesn't have to be a counsellor, but having someone to talk to that listens and makes you feel heard is so helpful. What I am really trying to say is that I can relate to feeling like people just totally don't understand what you're going through, and that's okay, they just haven't been there. But, also please don't stop looking for those people and hold it all in. In my own experiences there is always someone out there who will understand and make you feel so much better, it's just about having the confidence to seek them out.


I feel like i've waffled on a lot, but I hope this helps, and people here are 100% here for you as well

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

Hi @Lottie,
Thank you for your kindness and support. Sending you a big virtual hug too. Smiley Happy


I understand what you mean about being put off from counselling, i used to chat reguarly to KHL counsellors but now I just can't be bothered, because I know they aren't going to understand. Also the waiting time is really long, which also puts me off. I really dislike how they say "we have 30min today", its like they aren't giving enough time or a time limit to open up and it feels uncomfortable.


I am extremely glad that you were able to find someone who helped you. That is really good. Smiley Happy



Thank you for being so kind to me and you really helped me.
Thank you again.
Smiley Happy


Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

Hey @HelloHi


I'm so glad to hear that I've been able to help in some small way Smiley Happy 


I can see why your experiences have put you off! It sounds really tough, and I can totally understand that having someone make you feel rushed through things, especially when you've had to wait so long to see them, would be really disheartening. I feel as though I've had similar things happen, there is long wait time and limits to the number of sessions you're allowed so it can feel like starting from scratch time and time again having to explain why you're there over and over. It's off putting. 


I've personally started going to see headspace. I can't really say if they would be any better for you, however personally I've found it a much more accomodating service than places I've been in the past. But, I can also understand completely if you are just not interested in looking for a counsellor again at the moment. 


I did want to ask though, do you maybe have a friend that you are able to open up to about somethings? It's not the same as counselling of course, but maybe just a less structured situation to talk about these things with someone could be helpful?

It can be really hard opening up to people, especially those you are close to. I know I am still guilty of trying to pretend I am happier or more put together than I am in front of people I love because I don't want them to worry. That said though, I have personally found than when I have had the courage to open up to my friends about things it often turns out they are going through similar things. I think if anything it has brought my friendships closer when I am honest about how I am feeling. 


It's a tough one to navigate, and of course if it doesn't feel right or you don't feel comfortable you don't need to do it. But yeah, maybe have a think on who you could have a go at talking to?


Let me know if you think either of those things could be an option. 

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

Hi @Lottie 

You are right it is really off-putting.


My parents wouldn't take me to Headspace, my school counsellor is wanting my parent to take me to see a GP, but they haven't taken me.

I don't have any friends, sometimes my friends actually make me feel worse. They brag, ignore me and I feel ignored and alone with them, as I cannot keep up with things going on in their lives, they all have social media and I don’t and they go all travelling and I have never been out the house except to go to school. Or they simply don’t want to talk to me because of my ugly looks and lack of popularity or any qualities. So I find it easier to act happy in front of people.


I am extremely glad that you opened up to your friends and your friendships are strong and kind. That is really good. Smiley Happy


Thank you for your kindness, support and help Smiley Happy


Smiley Happy




Re: Let's Chat: Body Image

I am sorry to hear that your parents have not taken you to the GP yet @HelloHi. Have you had a chance to discuss with them the reasons why you would like to go? You might find it helpful as they may not fully understand the reasons behind why you are wanting to see the GP. Hopefully by explaining this to them, they may be able to get you to the GP sooner, or at least explain to you why they have not taken you yet.

It sounds like your friends at school are not always as supportive as they should be. I am sorry that you have to experience this. Is there a friend that you feel closest with that you would feel comfortable talking to about how you have been feeling? Heart

Re: Let's Chat: Body Image