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Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Thanks @WheresMySquishy 

I've never actually heard of them, what are they?

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Hey there @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , 


I saw your posts last night about the novel Coronavirus, and just thought I'd tag you in this great thread that @Bre-RO  started. 


There's been so much media hype and misinformation on social media, and it's really natural to be feeling anxious and worried about your own health, and what it would look like if you or your family got sick. 


As you said, at the moment there's very few cases in Queensland. In NSW, where I am, there's a few clusters, but still less than 100 cases so far. And they are working really hard to keep people isolated and slow or reduce the spread. An expert I heard interviewed this morning said that at the moment, they're really happy with how containment measures have worked. The cases are all in a few small clusters and the total numbers are low. 


Arming yourself with facts can be one good way to feel better - and the MOST important thing you can do is stuff that will keep you healthier anyway! Wash your hands regularly, especially before you eat and after you've been on public transport, use hand sanitiser,  practice good hygiene like coughing into your elbow, and stay home if you're unwell Smiley Happy 


I came across this fantastic article on The Conversation: 7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety,  written by a psychologist. 


The whole thing is really good but I wanted to share these 2 points in particular:



4. Don’t underestimate human resiliency

Many people fear how they will manage if the virus shows up in town, at work or at school. They worry how they would cope with a quarantine, a daycare closure or a lost paycheck. Human minds are good at predicting the worst.

But research shows that people tend to overestimate how badly they’ll be affected by negative events and underestimate how well they’ll cope with and adjust to difficult situations.

Be mindful that you are more resilient than you think. It can help attenuate your anxiety.

5. Don’t get sucked into overestimating the threat

Coronavirus can be dangerous, with an estimated 1.4% to 2.3% death rate. So everyone should be serious about taking all the reasonable precautions against infection.

But people also should realize that humans tend to exaggerate the danger of unfamiliar threats compared to ones they already know, like seasonal flu or car accidents. Constant incendiary media coverage contributes to the sense of danger, which leads to heightened fear and further escalation of perceived danger.

To reduce anxiety, I recommend limiting your exposure to coronavirus news to no more than 30 minutes per day. And remember that we become more anxious when faced with situations that have no clear precedent. Anxiety, in turn, makes everything seem more dire." 


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Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

@WheresMySquishy  @Tiny_leaf  saline wipes, and saline nasal rinses, are amazing! I've used them with my kids and for myself, I've seen them at big places like Chemist Warehouse (you can order online too). I'm prone to sinus infections and even though it's totally gross, saline rinses can help a lot. Total convert here! Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Sorry @Tiny_leaf, I somehow missed your post. Smiley Embarassed
Saline wipes often come in packs that look like baby wipes, but are labelled as having saline or being used for your nose and face. They're basically a wet wipe soaked in saline. A lot of products for colds have saline in them.
@Janine-RO  I've tried to use the saline rinses too! I have a history of rhinitis and sinus issues as well. Whenever I get a cold, I tend to get really affected. It would cause me to miss out on a lot of school when I was younger. Smiley Sad
I remember preferring the saline wipes to saline nasal sprays, but I've never been able to find the brand I got many years ago in stores (I think I found them in Big W). I've found them online though.

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

@WheresMySquishy ah yep.


Actually I think that there's a rumor going around that they can stop people getting coronavirus (they can't) so now everyone's buying them. Smiley Indifferent

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

That's crazy @Tiny_leaf! Smiley Surprised

One of my relatives is a GP who recently sent someone to be tested for coronavirus. Then he took the day off today because he had a cold. We all got scared!

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

I feel like this might have been mentioned before. But. When we first heard about coronavirus, I did not expect the toilet paper to be a problem. A little bit of a weird story...

My GP told me that they might need to shut their toilet because they couldn't supply the toilet paper needed. I feel bad for anyone that might need it. Imagine going there and finding out you either need to hold it in or make your way home and hope for the best! xD

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Hey everyone.

There's a website specifically made for dealing with coronavirus anxiety.

Here it is for anyone interested:

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Thanks for sharing that @Tiny_leaf  


Also, a reminder to anyone feeling overwhelmed that you can chat with us about it or if you'd like a distraction we have a few threads that might help: 


Good news stories


Positive/Helpful Memes 


Games Board 


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Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

My school might be shutting down.. and gymnastics.. and everything Smiley Sad I don’t know what to do