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Let's Chat: Giving Support

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The bread and butter of this community is receiving and giving support. It's what makes the connections and relationships we build so valuable. Today we wanted to open a discussion about giving support and as always we're really interested to hear what you all have to say. 


There are a few main pillars when it comes to giving support and we're going to chat through a few of them. 


Purposeful story-telling is a relatable and authentic way to connect with people and let them know that they aren't alone. There are some major benefits to sharing a story you're comfortable telling. Firstly, I want to say that it's super important that you feel safe to share your story, and to know that you only have to share aspects of your story that you feel okay to share. Some of the positives of doing this is: 


  • Builds connections and relationships→ allows bonding → even between strangers!
  • It’s simple when the world can feel chaotic
  • Gives people a voice when they are feeling unheard
  • Confidence building 
  • Provides support that can be reciprocated/mutual!
  • Provides insight into adverse experiences→ opens up to the world
  • Stories are easier to follow
  • Sharing experiences are valuable because others can relate to you and make it feel more personal 

When someone connects with our story by letting us know they've been through it too we - voice that others aren't alone, have a chance to share our learnt lessons and build deeper relationships. 


Another aspect of giving support that is super important is having boundaries. We touched on this last week with our Guide To: Boundaries - if you're interested in that go ahead and check it out. What is really important with giving support on the forum is that you remember that us moderators are here to ensure that the community is safe.


Sometimes things can get really heavy and it can be really hard to be sitting on the other end of a screen, working out how to help someone. Know that by telling someone you care, sending them support in any way (whether it's a story, or simply a cute/funny gif) that you are doing enough! If you are ever worried about someone's safety and need help please let an online moderator know and we will be there Heart 


If you have any thoughts, questions or experiences to share, please do so in this thread Heart 





Re: Let's Chat: Giving Support

Hey @Bre-RO 


This is a great post, thanks for sharing! I have found this really helpful and insightful. 


I fully agree that sharing a story or even aspects of one is a great way to provide support. It really does help convey a humanistic feeling through text which some may otherwise find hard to connect with. 


I also really liked your point about providing support in any way possible and knowing that doing so is enough. Sometimes I can struggle with providing support as I feel that I do not have the 'perfect' response to actually be able to help someone with - so thanks a lot for saying that Smiley Happy



Re: Let's Chat: Giving Support

Hey @Guitarman97 thanks for your comment and I'm real happy it was helpful for you. I think a lot of people have that feeling about not having the perfect response - I think the main thing is that by reaching out you are making someone feel important, no matter what you say to them Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's Chat: Giving Support

I'm a bit late to the party, but this is a great post @Bre-RO! Smiley Happy
I totally agree with the power of storytelling. I often get my nursing home residents to reminiscence and talk about life events they're okay with sharing. I find it really benefits them. Some things that make this easier are getting them to do things like scrapbooking/crafting and asking them about it, or reading them a book and asking them questions.

Re: Let's Chat: Giving Support

Heya @WheresMySquishy that is so so beautiful, connecting with the residents through story telling is so powerful. It must be so lovely for them to have someone like yourself to chat with Heart