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Lived experience and it's place within our community

Lately there's been some discussions about lived experience and it's role in the reachout community and the community in general.

So, what's so important about lived experience?

ReachOut acknowledges that lived experience is so important. We are thinking about making a new lived experience position and would love your input. 

How could reachout benefit from lived experience?

what would you like to see from people with lived experience?

What type of support is helpful/ unhelpful? 

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Re: Lived experience and it's place within our community

Love this idea @redhead!

Lived experience is so important! I think it helps people who don't really know much about a certain to issue to understand that behind any issue there is a human being, and hearing from people about their lived experience can really deepen and enrich our understanding of those issues.

I've done some work as someone with lived experience of mental illness, and having a parent with a mental illness, and not only has it been really rewarding for me, I've had people come up to me afterwards and share some of their stories and thank me for being open with my experiences, which is beautiful.


In terms of helpful/unhelpful, I think rumination on the negative aspects of the issues without any exploration of the potential to move forward/improve can be quite negative. Also, sharing lived experience without balancing it with adequate self-care can be really draining and is probably something to be avoided.


What do you think? 

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Re: Lived experience and it's place within our community

Any update on the lived experience role @Ben-RO?