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Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

Yo everyone!


 A few months ago, @Ben-RO and @j95 started up a thread where we could get together to do some mindfulness exercises together and chat about how it went. The thread was: Letting The Negative Self Talk Go


I found it really helpful and wanted to see if anyone's interested in starting back up.


What happens:

  • Download the Smiling Mind app or go to the Smiling Mind website and sign up.
  • Organise a time to meet up in this thread!
  • At the chosen time, come here and have a quick chat about how everyone's feeling before trying a meditation.
  • Choose one of the Smiling Mind meditation exercises to do.
  • Do the meditation!
  • After it's done, come back to the thread and have a quick chat about how you feel now, if there were any good bits, weird bits, general stuff you discovered during the meditation.

What we need to do first:

  • Pick a regular day/time to run it! The previous one was every weekday at 5:30pm AEDT (Eastern Daylight Savings Time), but we can pick something else or maybe multiple options depending on what suits everyone now.


So who's up for it and when are you available? Smiley Very Happy @FootyFan26 @letitgo @Stealth_ninja @Birdeye @N1ghtW1ng (because you either responded to or high fived my post in the bob section Smiley Tongue)


Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

Hey @Bay52VU I love this idea! I remember we tried to do it every day for half an hour or so but I found it hard to commit to it. I think it can definitely work with people hopping in and out whenever they are free but we might need some regulars. Obviously I would try to do it every day but I dont know how long I could sustain that. Should we test it out like with a 14 day challenge or something? 14 days of mindfulness and then we can sortve see how the community responds and whether it's sustainable. What do you think?

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

Sure @Stealth_ninja we could try a 14 day thing Smiley Happy
And then maybe cut it back to 3 or 4 days a week for an ongoing thing rather than every day, depending on how things go.

Anyone else up for a 14 day challenge? Respond and let me know what time of day would work for you!

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

I am so down for this!

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

Would this be after the festive season shut down? Coz that falls within the next fortnight. Smiley Tongue

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

I love the idea of this, my only thought is maybe we could also encourage people if they missed the time to do the session when they can and write how they felt before and after?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

I'm keen for this @Bay52VU Smiley Happy I like @Bee 's idea too
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Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

Haha @stonepixie maaaaybe it should be after. But then after seems like a long time away Smiley Tongue How about a trial session before rather than launching straight into the 14 day challenge? Like training up for the big event. Smiley Wink

That's a good idea @Bee Smiley Happy If people can't make the session time then they absolutely can still have a go and make a post about it.

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

I can't guarantee every day, but I'll do my best! Smiley Happy

I think if we do it for a few days, or over the next couple of weeks we only do every second day or something like that so that no one is pressured to fit this in along with any festive plans. Smiley Tongue

Re: Mindfulness Mob - group Smiling Mind sesh

Alright sounds good @N1ghtW1ng.

So, time of day. I'm going to propose 6:30pm AEDT because that's the earliest I can make it home on weekdays. But I don't mind if other people want to do it earlier and I can just do the thing afterwards.

Can anyone make 6:30 or is there a different time that works better? I'll set up a poll if I have to Smiley Tongue