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National Sorry Day 26 May 2020



Today is National Sorry Day - it is now 23 years since the Bringing Them Home report into the Stolen Generations,  and  policies that led to the forcible removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families and communities. 


You can learn more about National Sorry Day and reconciliation here


To use the beautiful words from the Healing Foundation, 


"It is such an important day to remember our Stolen Generations, their descendants, communities and healing that is still ongoing.


National Sorry Day is a day to acknowledge the strength of Stolen Generations Survivors and reflect on how we can all play a part in the healing process for our people and nation. Through song, dance, words, education and actions we see contributions to truth telling and healing within our communities."


They also shared a beautiful song from the  Ngangkarri Women’s Group , which is a song of trauma and healing, a " message of strength, resilience and healing sang for our Stolen Generations, families and communities."




As a non indigenous person, for me today is a day that is centered on listening to indigenous stories, acknowledging the deep pain and intergenerational trauma, acknowledging the strength of Stolen Generations survivors,   and recognising the part that we can all play in reconciliation. 


A young Indigenous girl smiles softly looking to the left of the camera.


I also wanted to share this story today of 5 indigenous teenagers sharing what national sorry day means to them. (source of above image)


What does National Sorry Day mean to you? 




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