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Our Guide To: Boundaries

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A super important skill to learn is boundaries. It’s something that comes into every single aspect of everyone's life in one way or another. Be it, school, work, family, relationships of every kind. 


We wanted to give you all some tips on setting and maintaining boundaries within our community because things can get heavy sometimes. As much as we are about giving support, we are also need to know when we need to take care of ourselves.


Setting boundaries: 


  • What are my limits? 

  • What are the signs that I need to focus on me? 

  • Do I feel comfortable setting boundaries (if not, why might this be?) 


Maintaining boundaries: 


  • How can I allow myself to step back if things are getting intense? 

  • What self care can I do? 

  • When do I know I feel better and can step back onto the forums