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Our Guide To: Dealing with World News

2020 has been an incredible challenge in so many ways - one of them is many people feeling tested by the constant consumption of world news. In the best of times the news can be a little heavy, so when you have climate related events, political turmoil and a pandemic, it’s even harder to stay clear. 


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These are just a few of the tips you can try to deal with world news 


  1. Take control of your consumption. I think we can all fall into the habit of endless scrolling on Facebook and other social media. What this can mean sometimes is that you are constantly consuming news as it happens, which can start to make your head whirl. One way to overcome this is to set times you allow yourself on social media - give yourself time to wake up before checking socials. Set a time limit. Check news sources once a day and then mindfully disengage for the rest of the day and fill your time up with other things. 

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2. Find balance. We know that’s easier said than done, but seeking out positive news and engaging in other activities you enjoy, it can help to reduce the heaviness that comes with intense world news.  If you feel like checking out some feel good stories, we have a great good news thread here


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3. If it feels like it’s getting too much, set a goal to disconnect. Even if it’s for a day to two, a digital detox can really help. There’s a good article about it here.   


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ReachOut also wrote an awesome article on dealing with bad world news here if you want to check it out