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Re: PCOS suffers unite..

@jesseka_grace Thank you for starting this thread, and what a great idea! I was diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago, and as you said there's not a lot of information out there or groups and support, especially for young women.


Personally, PCOS doesn't affect my day to day life that much because my only symptom (as far as I can tell) is that I have very irregular periods where I can go for up to half a year without having one.. But something that's always in the back of my mind is worrying about in the future if I want to have kids how it might affect my chances of getting pregnant. I do dwell on it from time to time, but when that does happen I try to put it out of my mind and tell myself that when the time comes I'll be able to deal with it! But I'm so relieved to know that there are others out there who also going through PCOS and that we can all talk about it here now Smiley Happy

Re: PCOS suffers unite..

@Nessa17 Yeah, I feel the same when I was first diagnosed all I could think about was the fact that I won't be able to do what a was woman's body was made to do, have babies, of course when I am ready. Still, that is so scary to me but I just keep on going with my life and deal with it later on and when I need to come to that stage at least I already know what I am in there for. 


When I first got told I had PCOS I asked my specialist if there were any support groups and she said there is, just for women who have been diagnosed and are trying for babies. Which is why it was so important for me to start this. 

Re: PCOS suffers unite..

@jesseka_grace I agree! As always we just keep going on in life as best we can, and when the time comes it's something that I'll deal with then. But I'm glad that I know now, and know that there are support groups/forums like this where if I something difficult is going to happen, then I'll have support during that time ^^

Re: PCOS suffers unite..

hey fellow 'Cyster' here XD
just wanted to say thank you to @jesseka_grace for creating this group I tried finding groups like it seems everyone else did here but didn't find any groups that fit me and I'm so glad that I've finally found one Smiley Very Happy
I was diagnosed about a year to two years ago. My symptoms were mainly my periods would come at random times and I was unfortunate enough to have started to develop more masculine hair growth (mainly on my face and neck - I was becoming a bearded ladySmiley LOL
) due to the high levels of testosterone. Has anyone else had to deal with this symptom in particular?



I was lucky enough to have had an amazing GP who is helping me to treat my symptoms now but like @Nessa17 I'm a little nervous/anxious about the future for when I want to have kids and the issues and stress I may have to deal with in trying to have the family I've always wanted. But I know now that I'll be able to deal with it when the time comes and that I'm not alone amymore in this struggle against PCOS Heart

Re: PCOS suffers unite..

@AusPsychs I struggled to find a group which is why I knew I had to make one for us younger girls, that get diagnosed early or have a tentative diagnosis. As it can be hard dealing with something that will affect your whole entire life and then feel like you have no-one you can talk to that might understand can be really difficult. 


I haven't experienced any symptoms of hair growth but I have heard of many people that have through my various researching on PCOS and its symptoms. 



While it will be a tough road for all of us in our own ways, it will only go to make holding our little bundle so much more special, because of everything we have gone through. 

Re: PCOS suffers unite..

@jesseka_grace that's why I'm so thankful to find this group and yeah you're right it is hard when you're diagnosised young, because well I don't know about you guys but I hadn't really thought about children or fertility before and I just had always assumed that when I would want to have kids it'll be simple and easy and it was quite a shock to have to suddenly consider how tough something that I had always assumed would always be in my future may not be as simple as I first thought. 

Yeah I've seen others with symptoms like me in research too (along with media stories where they're labeled as weird oddities or something) but have yet to meet anyone in person or online directly and I had a hope to one day meet someone so it can feel a little more normal you know what I mean? But I'm not as alone anymore s Smiley Very Happy

Yeah @jesseka_grace you're right hopefully we can hold onto our little group so we can be there to support one another if we ever need it.