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Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

Hi guys! I just wanted to let everyone know about Psychology Week this year which will be from the November 6 to November 12. As someone studying psychology and very passionate about the field, I thought it would be nice to let everyone know and to give a moment to appreciate the work that psychs to do help not only young people, but people of all ages and with a range of difficulties and problems (^ ^)


To start off with, here are some links that might be of interst!


About the week:

Six steps to a healthier lifestyle:

Tips for managing everyday stress:

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

Thanks @Nessa17 I didn't know about this Smiley Happy

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

Well, I'm gonna be hiking in the wilderness for most of that week Smiley Tongue Sounds like a cool week though!


Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

@roseisnotaplant Ha ha, well I hope you have fun hiking and getting out into the outdoors!

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

Hi @Nessa17! Thanks for the heads up! Do you know of any events / activities taking place in any of the capital cities? Or where we might find this information Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

@Autumn23 I haven't heard much about any specific events or activities yet, but I assume if there are going to be any details posted it'll be on the official website or on the Australian Psychological Society Facebook page! Smiley Happy

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

For anyone around Melbourne, there will be a FREE lecture on Postive Psychology on Wednesday 9th of Nov, presented by Associate Professor Lindsay G. Oades. Smiley Happy



Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

ooh thanks for posting @Autumn23 I might go!

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

Thanks for posting @Autumn23 Smiley Very Happy

Re: Psychology Week 2016 (6-12 November)

Hey guys!

I am also involved in this field and I have some other information and a website for everyone to have a look at.

This website has a focus on wellbeing, happiness and self care. It has a lot of tips and information from professionals on 'ways to thrive' in these areas. Anyone and everyone can utilise this information regardless of having any mental health condition or illness.

It also includes a wellbeing survey to measure various areas of your life. It is able to compare these areas to similar aged people but also collates information in terms of sex and age. I generally would say comparing yourself against others may not be beneficial but in this case it may allow you to recognise that you may need more support or assistance in specific areas of your life. It could also highlight areas that you could focus on to improve overall happiness and wellbeing or it may show you a great place to start!

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