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R U OK Day (Everyday)

Tomorrow, 13th of September, is officially R U OK day. 




It's a day dedicated to reminding reminding us all to check in with our family members, friends, peers, colleagues, neighbours.. everyone.. and ask three very powerful words - Are You Okay? 


But isn't this something we should ask everyday? Yes! Smiley Very Happy


Tomorrow is an opportunity for us to step back, and remember how much we all care about each other. Life can get busy, and it can be hard to remember that those around us may be going through a tough time and want an opportunity to talk about it! 



It doesn't take an expert to ask the question, all it takes is a human who cares about another human.

By asking the question, and being there to really listen to the answer, whatever it may be, it shows that you really care. 


Not sure how to go about asking a friend? - click here for an info graph ReachOut has developed on How to ask a friend if they are ok


R U OK DAY suggests these 4 easy steps: 




Challenge for tomorrow: 

Start thinking about who you can check in with .
Make sure it's genuine, and that you give the person time and space to answer properly - you can always suggest meeting up later to chat more if they'd like. 




- Is there a time you can share in this thread, when you asked someone if they were OK? How did it go? 

- What other ways could you ask someone how they're going? Get Creative! 

- Is there a time you can share in this thread, when someone has asked you if you were OK? How did it go? 




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Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

This is separate post here, but @gina-RO asked me to share it here too Smiley Happy


On Thursday it is R U OK Day and while you can always someone in person straight out, I always like to find other ways to ask people and promote R U OK Day at the same time Smiley Happy


When I was working a few years ago I made up R U OK Day packs which included two funsize chocolates and a note giving instructions on how to ask someone if they are ok using the chocolate as an ice breaker. The instructions were: find a friend, give them the chocolate, ask them if they are ok and enjoy the chocolates together letting conversation happen. I put the chocolates in small paper bags with the instructions printed out stuck to the outside of the bag and left them in the staff room for people to find. I didn't tell anyone (to be honest I was worried about getting in trouble) and watched as people discovered them and word spread round the office. So many people mentioned how great an idea it was and it got people talking about R U OK Day and mental health.

This year as I am studying, I thought it would be fun to give out the following to my classmates:

R U OK.jpgAll I did was hand write on a cute post it note R U OK - a conversation could save a life (if I had done anymore than 12 I would've typed it up) and then stapled it and a mini bag of M&Ms to a ReachOut postcard (I'm also a Youth Ambassador, so I have a good selection of brochures and stuff from ReachOut). It didn't take me much time at all and I love knowing that I can ask people if they are ok (and remind them to ask others too) while also promoting ReachOut's resources.


With R U OK Day 2 days away its the perfect time to work out creative ways to ask your loved ones if they are ok.

Does anyone else have any creative ideas?

Also remember that you shouldn't just ask your friends R U OK just on R U OK Day but everyday Smiley Happy

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

Absolutely love this @ErinsAntics and @gina-RO!


I'd love to hear from some of our active members about their experiences with R U OK everyday:


@Libellule @xxjessiieexx @scared01 @litgym @annabethxchase @blobby @mrmusic


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Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

@ecla34 @lokifish @N1ghtW1ng @sweet_baking @letitgo @musicaddict @Esperanza67 @DruidChild


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Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

Hey! This is such a good day to be part of, my school is running this today & selling free lemonade.


One of my experiences was when a girl asked me if I was OK & that if I wanted to talk about anything she was there for me. I wish she could know how much those three words helped me. It only takes 3 seconds to ask someone & you could potentially save someones life.


A couple of months back my friend & I sent out emails to our class with a quote, an emoji & a little card saying they mattered. Not only does it feel good when someone says this to you, but it feels good when you say it to someone else. 


So Great that RO is celebrating this day because it truly is so so important!!Heart

Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

Hi @annabethxchase  - that's so great to hear that your school is taking part in R U OK day - how good is free lemonade!??


It's so amazing to hear your story of being asked R U OK  - just goes to show how powerful the question is. I LOVE that idea you and your friend did to show your class mates that they were valued. Being kind makes everyone feel good  - it's a win - win situation! 

Keep it up! 


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Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

Hey @gina-RO, Personally I hate carbonated drinks (I know, Tragic), but everyone else loved it Smiley Happy)


Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

I love R U OK day ! I think it’s a great idea but it should definitely be R U OK day everyday. My school celebrates R U OK day and which is great expect that every student jokes about saying “R u ok?” which is really upsetting Smiley Sad 


ive had a few times when teachers have asked if i was okay and i just bursted out crying. that made feel a lot better knowing there’s people there for me.


that’s such a great idea ! @ErinsAntics

Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

HI @litgym-  I completely agree that we should be asking this important question every day, and that it can be upsetting when people joke about it. Smiley Sad Why do you think people make those jokes? 

It's good to hear that your teachers are checking in with you and asking if you're ok -  the power of that question can certainly bring up a lot of emotion.   Thank you for sharing your experience, and so glad to hear that it helped to know people were there and cared for you Heart

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Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

@ErinsAntics I absolutely love your creative thinking in finding a new way to ask "R U Ok"  - the chocolates is always such a good way to engage people ! I love that you're handing out info on how to ask R U OK  - educating those around you, ,and letting them know you care at the same time! 


Another way to check in with people, could be by sending a letter or a postcard, shouting someone a coffee, or offering to walk with someone or give someone a lift if they need to be somewhere.  

What other ideas do people have?



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