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Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

@gina-RO not really sure why students at my school decide to make it a joke :/ i guess they’re just very immature. i think they think it’s funny i guess. no one knows who is dealing with mental health issues or any other problems so you should definitely be nice to people. 


yeah asking if you’re okay is definitely powerful !


Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

It really is a win-win, which i love!
Even when I haven't felt like sharing, being asked if I'm okay still makes me feel loved and supported. Heart I feel like asking has no downside. People are ready to talk about how they're feeling or they might not be, but either way they still know someone's looking out for them and ready to talk if they need to Smiley Happy 

Re: R U OK Day (Everyday)

Hi @ecla34,

I completely agree with you- there is a real sense of comfort that there is someone who cares and is willing to go out of their way to see how you are going Smiley Happy 


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