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FOX LEAGUE has teamed up with BRIGGS, to create the channel's new anthem for the 2017 NRL season, "Here", featuring Caiti Baker. "I created this track as the theme for the FOX LEAGUE channel - the song reflects the journey of the Indigenous players - who give so much excitement and leadership to ...

Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

Today marks the start of National Reconciliation Week. National Reconciliation Week is about sharing knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures so we can all grow as a nation.1997196B-7878-428C-A8BD-0A3EE9EFBBA0.jpeg




I am really excited to be sharing a different theme each day until the end of the week. 

Today I have chosen music and movies and I invite you to share any artists, songs or movies you know that relate to the topic. 


To start us off I have decided to share Briggs. Along with many other things Briggs is a rapper. You can listen to one his songs here. 


I am looking forward to hearing from everyone and sharing some more.


//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

Hi @j95 , 


Thank your for starting this very important discussion for Reconciliation Week! 

Check out the website for this year's week here:


I love that Brigg's video @j95  


Triple J has a section specifically for Indigenous musicians - check it out here





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Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

One of my fav artists is Thelma Plum - very talented artist!

________________________________________________ EXECUTED BY HEATA & JOSH DAVIS LYRICS VERSE I'm Fitzroy where the stars be, I'm Wanganeen in '93 I'm Mundine, I'm Cathy Free-man, that fire inside-a-me I'm Adam

Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

My favourite Brigg's video is this one:


It's so powerful, and samples the amazing Archie Roach's song "Took the Children Away" which I really recommend everyone look up as well. 

It's about the stolen generation, and the ongoing trauma that indigenous families face because of this crime and injustice.

Brigg's song , The Children Came Back  -  speaks to the amazing resilience and overcoming  - always makes me cry. 


Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

Hey @j95, thanks for starting this thread! Smiley Happy


The Stiff Gins is another band I want to share on here, I have shared a link to one of their songs (Yandool). They were formed in Sydney in 1999. I actually met Nardi Simpson, one of the band members back in 2013 at uni when I was studying my undergrad.

Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

Hey everyone, I thought I would pop in with a movie. I have seen the Rabbit Proof Fence that gives you a little bit of insight. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe. I actually think I will watch it again now Smiley Happy  Here is a whole list of movies that have Aboriginal directors! Sooo many!

Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

@j95awesome thread! <3
I love that song you linked! Very powerful! Same as the ones @gina-RO linked and suggested!

@Taylor-ROstole the movie I was going to link in! I have seen that movie so many times, there is something about it that I love, but the story is so sad, and I cry every time. I actually was watching a video about how they made rabbit proof fence (Trigger warning) and it's so touching <3

(Edit: I linked the video and decided to put a trigger warning on the video)


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Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

Great films being shared - so many good things to check out! 

I LOVE this film - The Sapphires. 

Have others seen it? 


Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

Just to change the track a little, I just remembered “Aunty Wendy’s Mob”, based in Sydney. They have produced a group of children’s songs specifically for Indigenous culture, although there are also a number of other cultural Australian references. They also have a group of children who perform at schools and other places. The interesting thing is that “Aunty Wendy” is not from an Indigenous background, so this is a very inspiring case of intercultural sensitivity.


Here’s a video of one of their songs:

Re: Reconciliation Week - Movies and Music

awesome thanks for sharing @mrmusic - kids music is always so happy and this put a smile on my face!! 

I love the sound of the didgeridoo throughout the song.