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Relationships- Am I ready

So Basically I just wanted to start this chat because lately I have been thinking about dating lately, and would like some advice , and I'm sure others will benefit from this too

Re: Relationships- Am I ready

Alright I've just figured out how this stuff works


So basically I have recently been thinking about relationships. There is someone at my school that I am interested in and would like to ask out at some point, but I'm worried that I'm not ready, because I'm still figuring stuff out


Basically last year my mum and dad died, and my emotions and feelings are just being thrown around everywhere, plus your normal teenage hormones


I don't wanna get into a relationship if i am not ready, I dont want to lead someone on or hurt them like i've been hurt


So , how do you know when you are ready?

Particularly after such a tragedy


(He/him- Straight)

Re: Relationships- Am I ready

Hi @Brian6787, glad you got the hang of the forums. I am really sorry to hear about your parents and the impact that it has had on you. It is totally normal to be wondering if you are ready for a relationship, especially after having such a difficult journey. The fact that you are thinking about being ready shows that you are being mature and trying to go about it in the best way possible. We have some articles here about relationships, including starting a new relationship. The last article has some really insightful things to consider before entering a relationship. If you do have a read, feel free to share your thoughts if you like Smiley Happy Aside from that, there is nothing wrong with going slow. If you feel comfortable with this person, you can be honest and open about how you are feeling unsure about being ready but are willing to see where it goes. 

Re: Relationships- Am I ready

Hi @Brian6787 

I'm terribly sorry for your loss, just know that these forums will always be here for you should you need a chat (about anything!).

When it comes to relationships, I've always found that over-thinking is really easy to do and can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress. I've now learnt the best approach for me is just to get to know someone with a 'see how it goes' attitude, this way I don't place any expectations or stress on myself. 

I know everyone is different, but taking this approach has helped me not jump into anything I wasn't ready for.

Are you particularly close to the person you're interested in? Or are you still in the getting to know phase? 

I hope this helps and good luck! 


Re: Relationships- Am I ready

Hi @Brian6787, I don't really have any advice but I just wanted to jump in to send you some love Heart I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and I think it's great that you want to be ready for a relationship before you get into it.


I hope you'll find your answer soon, and good luck!


Re: Relationships- Am I ready

Hi @Brian6787 it's been a little while so I just wanted to check in and ask how are you feeling? Did you find the articles @Taylor-RO sent helpful?

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Re: Relationships- Am I ready


Just checking in to see how are you doing these days? Do you find the relationship articles recommended by our moderator helpful? It is understandable to feel reluctant to start a relationship after what happened. I think you are courageous in being responsible and seeking for more information. Feel free to chat with us more. 

Re: Relationships- Am I ready

Hi! I'm terribly sorry for your loss. So, I really don't know that smb can be ready to begin relationships. It always happens unexpectedly and sympathy doesn't depend on us. No, of course, it depends, but not as it seems. In short, take your time. At one point, a person will appear who will give you new emotions and give you the desire to get high. In the meantime, find meaning in yourself and try to be comfortable with yourself. This is called "hedonism". I was in a relationship and came to the point that I began to depend on this person, so first you need to study yourself and love. Start a relationship with yourself.