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Re: Special Discussion: Recovery!

Thanks so much for those thoughtful and insightful responses @Tay100 , I somehow didn't see this until today but it made me go back and read through this thread, and I'm so grateful that I did! 


I think you put it perfectly when you said "starting a recovery journey is about learning and accepting that no one is perfect and slip-ups will happen- big and small. It's an inevitable, and important part of growth. Learning to pre-empt them and having an action plan (and a complementing self-care plan to deal with the associated emotions) is important too. "


To me, that's the perfect combination of self-compassion, and insight into the nature of recovery and being really purposeful in making a plan to address the inevitable speed bumps along the way. 


I think this is such an important discussion to have, and I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to read through all of these insightful, and brave responses. I learn so much from this community every day. 


It also made me reflect on how much my notions of recovery have changed over the years - many years ago, I would beat myself up for any steps 'backwards', to me it sometimes seemed like failure. But reading this thread has made me realise how much my ideas on this have changed, as you said, I think that setbacks are a normal and expected part of life and growth. 


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