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The great bug hunt of 2017!

Hey everyone, 

We're still hunting down bugs and problems with our brand new site. So i'd love your help tracking them all down! Especially if it's something to do with the forums because you all know the forums best. 


We also want to know about anything that you think should look different or if there's any features you'd like added to the forums. 

 To let us know.

  1. Just click here
  2. click contact us
  3. and then "technical issues".
  4. Tell us what's up.
  5. It helps if you copy in the URL of the page you're seeing the problem on so we know where to look!

If it's something really hard to explain, just take a screenshot of what's going on and post it in here instead Smiley Happy 


Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

Hi @Ben-RO

Not sure if it's just me..but can you please explain what this sign means?


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.14.21 pm.png
When this shows up, I'm unable to see the messageSmiley Frustrated


Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

That sign means there's nothing in the message @honky, basically the user has deleted the message (by editing the content).

Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

Thanks @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Happy

Am I able to see the edited content, or is it deleted permanently?

Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

It still exists @honky, but only moderators can see it after a user has chosen to remove it.

Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

Thank you for clarifying @Ben-RO Smiley Happy

Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

Hey crew, just letting you know we've been working hard to sort out a bunch of bugs that you all have let us know about. Here's a quick list, along with some cool extra stuff we added too. 


  • The orange screen of death no longer happens if you have been on the forums for too long. It'll just ask you to log back in and take you back to where you where
  • The high fives leader-board is way easier to understand. 
  • Notifications work again - phew! 
  • Pretty soon you will be able to reply to posts via the email you get letting you know about stuff that's happening instead of having to jump across to the forums. 
  • The little search box appears on phones now, no matter how teeny tiny your screen is. 
  • There's now page numbers at the bottom and top of every page that needs them. So you can click through to older posts and you don't have to scroll all the way back up to turn the page on a thread. 
  • Thread titles fit, even if they're really long, instead of kind of exploding out of the thread box. 

That's about it now! Thank you so much for letting us know about all this. It's soooo awesome and helpful. 


I also want to thank @Kosmonaft for all the hard work he put into making this work. He's a total legend and i hope you take a moment to thank him Smiley Happy 



Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

Thanks heaps @Kosmonaft!! Smiley Happy

Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

oh so it wasnt just me that wasnt getting notifications! i missed half of the conversations i was in and still going through my news feed so i can find them back on monday!

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: The great bug hunt of 2017!

@Ben-RO is it me or are the threads showing out of order.
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