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Transgender Awareness Week 2020 November 13th-19th

Only just found out about this wonderful thing today i was originally a boy, from an young age i was very unhappy about my identity and lived with it til earlier this year when i woke up one morning and said to myself "i don't want to be a male any longer" "i don't want to be unhappy anymore". I started my journey as a non-binary with buying genderless clothes, makeup, got my ears pierced (getting my septum pierced soon) and now currently in the process of getting my name changed legally, i've never been happier and am very proud of who i am. This awareness week means a lot to me as i'm part of a wonderful community that doesn't judge and loves me for who i am which makes me so happy, i would love to hear from other non-binary, transgender etc users on here how you started your journey and what this awareness week means to you. Love you all ❤️

Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2020 November 13th-19th

@Agenderandproudofit I found out I was trans after years of something not feeling quite "right". It took me a long time to find the words to describe myself, and a lot longer to realise that they applied to me.

Weeks and days like Transgender Awareness Week help make me feel safer being who I am. 


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Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2020 November 13th-19th

Thank you so much for sharing @Agenderandproudofit and for highlighting that it is Transgender Awareness Week. I'm so delighted to learn more about you and that you are proud of who you are Heart It's so vital that we acknowledge and mark these events, it's lovely to hear from you @Tiny_leaf that these events make you feel safer being who you are - that really emphasizes how important it is to celebrate the things that make us, us.

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Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2020 November 13th-19th

Hey @Agenderandproudofit , 


Thank you so much for starting this thread! It's so awesome to hear that you've never been happier, finding your community is such a powerful feeling, and @Tiny_leaf  it is amazing to hear that this is a week that makes you feel safer being who you are. 

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Minus18 have created some amazing resources to help the trans community and allies celebrate the week and spread awareness - just thought I would share them here if you'd like to check them out Smiley Happy 


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