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Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

@Nessa17 Mmm it can be frustrating the more you think about how it's all gone down huh.. I was over there a few months back and the whole country were genuinely really upset during the campaign, so he definitely doesn't represent the majority.

Kanye 2020 or no? haha.

Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

My bf is over in the US, and is pretty worried about what's going to happen on a personal level. Trump made some seemingly unachievable "campaign promises" to people in the town where he lives and got a lot of votes based on that. There've been times over the years where I've wished I could just fly the bf here to make sure he'd have the resources he needs to live or be healthy. Hopefully this election doesn't increase the number of times this happens.


Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

It makes me sad to see that America has elected a racist and sexist bully as their president.

I wish all the best for America in this tough time.

I also hope the Donald Trump can change the ways he acts and give America the future it deserves.

Good luck America xoxo

From Jo - Jo

Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Wow @Asche, thanks so much for that insight and going to effort of writing such an informative post!! As I mentioned I'm not a political person at all so wasn't aware of most of this. And I completely agree, making the people think/feel their concerns are heard and valid is key... I guess they aren't ready as a collective society to address these global social issues (as much as we need to asap! ie global warming) when there is inequality of a different kind happening in their backyard, as that rural population feel left behind and ignored, which is not really ok either...


It's definitely hard to be optimistic, but I think (HOPE) that these next few years under Trump's presidency will actually further generate this needed momentum for change (better late than never right?? Hopefully the earth can hold on til then... Smiley Frustrated ) as those who voted for hum become dissatisfied with his inability to keep his ridiculous campaign 'promises', those who voted against him are fuelled to fight harder, and those who didn't vote at all become more politically aware once they realise the damage that can come from choosing to be passive / ignorant (*cough guilty Smiley Indifferent )...


This experience has definitely ignighted something in me that wasn't there previously, and made me realise that sitting back and feeling apathetic about the state of the world because I think it's out of my hands and there's nothing I can do to compete with the the "big dogs" like Trump can't possibly be positive or help to change things Smiley Happy


Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Thanks everyone for your support, it helps to know that I’m not alone (or overly sensitive!!) for reacting like this..  
@Bay52VU I’m sorry to hear that someone you care about is personally affected by all this, that certainly gives me some important perspective.. I hope they stay safe through this tricky transition.. 
Hahaha @Bree-RO @Ben-RO he couldn’t possibly be worse right???? I mean, his songs imply that he cares about some social issues..?? 



Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Haha, I could get behind Kanye 2020! At the very least nothing could be worse than what they've got right now!

Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Well, I found out about the election result while watching the sunset on top of a cliff on the Great Ocean Walk, so it rather dampened what was a great mood. I have an internet friend in Chicago, and I emailed him when I got back from the trip that involved watching sunsets from clifftops, and I basically said, 'I am scared and confused. Help.'


I want to share some of what he replied with because maybe some of you might find it valuable;


"I only just started being able to read and think about the election today. And I'll say this: a lot of people are confused and scared. And all of them have a right to be.

I haven't felt the same since before election night. It really messed me up. I haven't had anxiety this bad before. I couldn't sleep or eat right for days, and I'm still recovering. One day at a time.

I like to think I follow and understand US politics a bit more than the average person my age. I read a lot about it, I can name more senators and legislative initiatives than my friends, I understand the basic meta-elements of the political game, and let me tell you: the 2016 presidential election made no f*cking sense whatsoever.

A reality TV host with no political experience or knowledge, who, throughout the ugliest campaign season in living memory, was shown to be a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, fascistic ideologue, a serial abuser of women, a failed businessman with dozens of pending court dates, who is willing to incite and encourage violence, as well as validate and represent a troubling white-nationalist now going to be our president. Frankly the most powerful position on the planet.

I wasn't ready. I very much thought Hillary Clinton had it locked down. I had a GREAT day before the election. I wasn't super nervous at all. And that's why it hit me so hard. I was not prepared. I was destroyed.
You'll hear that Bernie Sanders would have destroyed Trump, which is probably less true than anyone might think. You'll hear that people just wanted a radical change, which I think is too simplistic a perspective. You'll hear that the US is still incredibly racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc, etc, etc. All of that is shamefully, disgustingly true. Maybe not on the whole, but we have a much longer way to go than anyone on Tumblr thought on November 7th.
I'm not going to sugarcoat it: this is scary and not good. This is not normal. And it is going to do real and lasting harm to my country, its citizens, and the world. The extent of which remains to be seen.

At the same time, however, there is hope. The US in not (yet) a unilateral, top-down system. States have a decent amount of power, and many state and local leaders have already pledged themselves in opposition to a Trump administration.

On November 8th, we also elected a number of awesome women of color to office, my state included! Tammy Duckworth demolished Mark Kirk in the race for my congressional district and that's something to be stoked about. I happily live in our state's bluest county.
Listen. We're all awake now because of this. And we're not going to take any bullsh*t lying down. It isn't just us lonely liberals out in the street. We have powerful people in elected office who are on our side, and will work hard to reject Trump's attempt to take our country and the world backwards.
It's okay to be scared and confused. We will make it through this. Look for the helpers."

Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House - Washington Post


Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says - New York Times


Mind you, those are just the headlines. The articles themselves suggest that it's a a lot less clear than that. They're almost completely certain that Russia hacked US political parties' private details, but the evidence that this was done with the express intent of getting Trump elected is basically speculative.

Re: US election result has got me feeling down :(

Shiiiiiaaaaaaat @Asche Smiley Frustrated


I guess the only thing left to do is....