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Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

You may have noticed an influx of reminders and advertisements recently related to romance...  and are probably well aware that tomorrow is Valentine's Day ... how you feel about it? Yeah or nah?



You might live for the romance, (or the drama) of this day,.. or maybe you're ready to vom at the mention of it. 


If you’re single or going through a break up, this day can be rough- with reminders about romance everywhere. Check out some reflections on being single on valentines day over here

Hack also published a great article today with creative and hilarious ways people are trying to get over an Ex on valentines day  
Listen out for ReachOut on Hack tonight - feel free to post your thoughts on the discussion here Smiley Happy


Some people might choose to reclaim the day - with Parks and Recs coining Galentines Day as a day to celebrate female friendship - and others using the day to recognise and celebrate the friendships in your life. 


What about you? Is it a big deal or just another day?

Do you love it or hate it?

Are you indifferent?

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Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

question - what is Hack ? 


valentines isnt much of a big deal for me tbh. im still young and not really interested in ‘love’. im also going through my own demons so it’s not on my radar. im probably indifferent to it atm Smiley Happy

Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

A pretty big nah from over here as well Smiley LOL 
I think it's super sweet to do something for your SO for Valentine's, but it's also really commercial and can be a bit over-hyped. I guess i feel like it's awesome as long as it doesn't become forced or like people have to go through the motions to check a relationship box off. 
Oh man Galentine's day!! Smiley LOL My sister used to do that with her friends before she started dating her partner, and it was actually pretty cute! They had dinner and gave each other flowers and chocolates

Heart so wholesome Heart 
It's a little annoying having relationships as the norm being shoved down your throat (Singles Awareness Day whoop!) There's nothing wrong with not being in a relationship! Smiley Very Happy Different strokes for different folks Smiley Wink Anyone who tries to make you feel bad about it needs to find a hobby lol

We're having a SLOW-MO Getting Real chat to do with Generational Differences, starting on Monday the 11th of November! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

I would say 'yeah' to valentines day because each to their own, I'm not gonna say its pointless for a couple or some friends to take a day to show each other how special their relationship is...

I never cared too much about valentines day because nobody around me ever did, not even friends. But this year is my very first valentines day that I'm actually in a relationship, so I'm looking forward to celebrating it with my S.O and showing them that I love them and care for them. I think that we are going to go to lunch which I'm hoping will be fun and romantic hehe. Smiley Very Happy

yeah it's commercial but who doesn't like getting a little extra affection.. (and you don't need to spend money to show you care Smiley Wink)



Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

@litgym good question! The radio station, triple j, has a news segment everyday at 5:30pm called hack. It's made for young people. 


That's totally fair enough on the valentines day indifference - it's often blown way out of proportion and when actually its just not a big deal - especially if you're not interested in romance atm. 

maybe it can be a good reminder to practice some self-love Heart


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Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

Totally agree with you @ecla34 that no one should feel inferior or bad about this day - comparisons are a big NAH. 


I do love the idea of galentines day though - celebrating friendships, and having an excuse to get coffee, or dinner with your friends or family members can be fun. Having said that, we can celebrate those relatinships any day of the year! 


@Ladybug - that sounds so lovely! It is definitely a good day to be reminded of those we love, and take extra time and care to show them that we love them - with or without money! While people critique the day as being overly commercial, it is up to each person how they choose to celebrate it, and it is definitely possible to do so without buying into all the commercial stuff! 
I hope you have a lovely Love filled day with your S.O.  - super exciting to be your first valentines day with a partner Heart


Super cute winnie the pooh gif !


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Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

I think having a day where you can show some extra love for others - whether that be a significant other or just friends and family - is pretty cool!! Although I don't agree with the capitalist/hyper consumerist elements of Valentine's Day I think it's a great reminder to show your appreciation for others! 

Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

@May_ absolutely - love that way of thinking about it . 

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Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

It's a nah from me too. Not just because I'm single. I like to believe that I'd show the people that I love how I feel about them in lots of little ways every day, as opposed to with big gestures on an occasion like Valentine's Day. I think my perspective also comes from my dad a little bit, because he's also not one to show his affection with big gestures like on Valentine's Day or birthdays...


However, my mum did send me a happy valentine's day text this morning which made me really happy. Smiley Happy

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Re: Valentines Day - Yeah or Nah?

I'm a nah for Valentines day as well. I like to think you can celebrate loving somebody on any day of the year, not just when chocolates and flowers are twice the price! Having spent the day both single and in a relationship, it can be pretty isolating when you're single and full of expectations when you've got a partner. But all for anybody who chooses to celebrate the day Smiley Happy