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Wear It Purple Day 2018!

Today is Wear it Purple Day! 


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Today is a day to wear purple in recognition and celebration of diversity! 

The day is organised by Wear it Purple, a student run, not-for-profit organisation, who believe that rainbow (or LGBTIQ+ identifying) young people should be free and proud to be who they are! 

Read more about the day here.

Apart from wearing purple, get involved today by : 


 - posting a photo of something purple in this thread 


-  share in this thread, a proud moment  - whether it be coming out, or a time you did something brave that's in line with who you are! 


Let's all encourage each other, and promote a vision for a world that is free from bullying and invalidation, but rather celebrates people as they are! 


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Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

Woo! It's Wear It Purple Day! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Admittedly, I'm quite unprepared this year given the hectic week I've been having but yay! Purple just so happens to be my favourite colour so this is perfect. I decided to gather all my purple stim toys (plus a pen) to show off! Smiley Very Happy 

(and my laptop in the background Smiley Very Happy)


There's my frog, a thing called a hedge ball next to him, my chew pendant, a tangle (I really should get a metallic purple one, they look neat!) plus a pen, my slinky and a wristband that says "Happy Hands are Flappy Hands" (an autistic thing Smiley Tongue)


And a proud moment... well I thought I might share my coming out story! It's a bit of a weird one Smiley Tongue Basically, I was overseas at the time and I can't remember what prompted it but I finally decided that yep! My gender is not the binary (I really can't decide on the actual title, I think my favourite name so far is "gender-vague" because that describes it perfectly) and I also decided to tell my parents. Now, being in another country, it wasn't an easy task. Sure, I could've called them or texted them but instead I decided to do something so entirely me, I made them a website. The URL of the website was something like "I want to tell you something" so it didn't give it away and the homepage was "I am gender-queer" (which was the name I had a couple of years ago, but I like gender-vague better). It had some information on what it was and some links to places. Now... oh now my poor mum Smiley Very Happy See, my mum may or may not of freaked out a little bit. See, she thought it meant a lot more than it did, that I might want surgery and things like that. She wanted to bring me home she was panicking so much. I laugh at it now of course, (even then I still laughed) because all it meant was I'm not a girl, I'm something else and acknowledge that. Whether they still remember now is a question and I'm hardly game enough to bring it up because to me, gender is something personal and I don't care what other people think, I'm me and that's that. 


I also thought I might share this poster-thing I made while I was overseas (the same time I was discovering myself). The date is wrong, obviously, because it's 2018 not 2015 but it's still super-relevant I think! Also if you're wondering what all the words are around the side, they're just inspirational words, and some random stuff (for some reason). I might try writing them all out again, I think they came from my head, not a website or anything.





Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

@N1ghtW1ng  That is an impressive amount of purple!! So good!! 


Thank you so much for sharing your coming out story - I have never heard of anyone coming out with a website before, and just LOVE that you chose to do it that way! It expresses so much of who you are - your creativity, originality, and tech savi-ness (is that a word?) - as well as of course, your gender expression!


I'm so glad you found the poster that you made a few years ago and shared it with us- how does it make you feel looking back at it now - you must feel proud of how far you've come! ! 



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Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

Haha thanks @gina-RO! Smiley Happy I think saviness is a word, at least I use it! Smiley Very Happy My reasoning behind making a website (from what I can put together from presumptions and brief memories) was it means that instead of asking me a bunch of questions she can just read all the info Smiley Tongue this is the website if you're interested. Smiley Very Happy It's a bit outdated, given I made it three years ago (so many years!)

(I'm looking back on the website again and it's so me Smiley Tongue)


For the most part the poster is making me a bit confused because at the bottom the red and orange text is random and looks like nonsense respectively but also kind of cool because sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough and seeing some of the things I wrote along the edge makes me smile. 

Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

@N1ghtW1ng !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The website is truly amazing! Such a fantastic idea to have all the resources and information there ready to go, so that your parents could read and learn at their own pace. 
It can be really challenging to be there in person while a parent processes their child coming out  - they can respond in a variety of ways that can be hurtful, or confronting, before they are able to understand, or learn. And then the questions can be really difficult to answer in person as well- so the website seems like a fantastic alternative!! 

Now that it's up on the forum, you might find others wanting to borrow your idea!  Heart


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Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

So I have a photo with a LOT of purple! 

The RO crew today had a purple themed morning tea in celebration! 



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Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

@gina-ROLoving the purple themed morning tea! GO RO TEAM!


@N1ghtW1ngLoving your purpleness today! Smiley Happy And I really like your story! So awesome! And that poster! YAY! I'm about the checkout your site soon too!


For me, well I completely forgot when getting dressed this morning because I was in a hurry, but I still wore purple Smiley Wink Oh and I had me metallic purple tangle with me today too! (which yes is turning silver Smiley Sad ) Oh and if my foot gets cold I have a purple beanie for it Smiley Tongue

purple cast 2018.jpgpurple tangle.jpg

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

@gina-RO the office looks so pretty! So much purple!

@Bee pretty tangle!! Having a purple cast is an excellent way of wearing purple without having to remember to wear purple clothes Robot LOL A purple beanie on your foot sounds so cute! I hope you're having a good weekend!

Re: Wear It Purple Day 2018!

@N1ghtW1ngbehold my beanie on cast! Smiley Happy

& yes having a purple cast was my plan so I wore purple on Friday Smiley Wink hehe


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart