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Why do you use our forums?

Hey guys!

I'm writing an article on these forums, and why people should join the forum family.




Why do YOU use the forums? What do you like best about them?


I'd love to hear. Let me know if you don't want to be quoted in the article - otherwise I might use some quotes (with your forum name) in the article.


Thanks guys, really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

Re: Why do you use our forums?

This is an awesome idea for an article @Mel-RO! I'd be happy to help Smiley Happy


Why do YOU use the forums?

I use these forums as a part of my self-care routine, in a way. I find it nice to go to a place where I can comfortably be myself and talk with amazing people. Even though I haven't been giving out much support lately, it warms my heart to see other users supporting each other. It's such a beautiful thing that there are so many amazing people out there in the world! 

That and I don't think I could ever leave Smiley Tongue Some older users might remember that I disappeared for awhile, but I came back! Smiley Very Happy

What do you like best about them?

Haha oops. I think I answered this in the first question. But I'll say it again, I love seeing all the amazing and wonderful and supportive people out there helping each other out. Plus we have some awesome chilling sections in Hanging Out and, of course, Games! Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Why do you use our forums?

Thanks @N1ghtW1ng - great answers! I find everyone supporting each other so heart warming as well!!

Re: Why do you use our forums?

Why do YOU use the forums?
I started out using the forums because I needed help for a friend, and then I kept using them because I needed help for myself, and now I couldn't imagine NOT using them Smiley Tongue It's a really great initial support service, especially if you're seeking help for the first time because it's anonymous, plus everyone's super friendly Smiley Very Happy We cover tough stuff here which is valuable and important, but we also have a lot of fun counting to a million and having meme wars and turning... into... Elmo... uh. Yeah.
What do you like best about them?
I like the community. I like that I don't know anyone's name but I can still call them my friends, and that's a really cool thing to have Smiley Happy

Re: Why do you use our forums?

Why do YOU use the forums?
I use the forums because it's a great place to safely talk about my mental health struggles and get peer support. I first started using the forums about 7 years ago when I was struggling and the support from RO enabled me to find the courage to continue reaching out and see a GP for diagnosis and treatment of my mental health.


What do you like best about them?
I like that RO is INCLUSIVE and Anonymous. But mostly I love the family nature of the forums - it doesn't matter if you've been here 10 years or 5 seconds, your family and welcomed with awesome gifs and memes and hugs! Oh and you get to be YOU! No judgement at all! Which I reallly Love.

Man, I could write a book on why I love this place so much!


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Re: Why do you use our forums?

The reason I began using the forum was because as someone who has suffered from issues and felt lonely, I wanted to be involved in something where I could help those people from suffering and hopefully provide a different and personal insight. Which makes it more convenient as I can do it from the comfort of my own home. Those are the things I love about this forum, I can help people from my own computer screen. 

Smiley Happy

Re: Why do you use our forums?

Better late tha never... I guess.

 Why do YOU use the forums?

I use the forums because I enjoy helping and supporting people, this is a place where I can talk about things I'm going through without judgment and because of the weekly chat sessions where you can socialise a bit and learn a lot about various topics.


What do you like best about them?

I really like the GRs and Infobuses because you get to see a whole lot of peoples perspectives about a diverse range of topics and I've learnt a lot from them.  The fact that there are professional brought in for Infobuses means that I can not only gain perspectives from people who may not know a lot about certain topics, but also from people who know a lot and have a lot of knowledge to share.

Re: Why do you use our forums?

Hey thanks so much @FootyFan26 !

They are such great reasons.


Thanks so much to everyone for your answers, it really highlighted to me what is so great about these forums. As for everyone else, I don't need any more responses for the article now.


Have a good day and thanks again Smiley Happy