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Your LGBTQ experiences

As a lesbian I have many different experiences as well as encounters with a lot of people especially there opinions. As a kid I would hide in my room wondering why I liked girls rather then boys like, as living in a Christian Household, I was taught. As i was growing up my grandma would look at people from the LGBTQ+ community and scoff, she would judge them and I would follow along. I did that to hide my true self, trying to avoid her not accepting me. I assumed that painting my room pink, buying pink bedding, only wearing sparkles and painting my nails everyday wouldn't let anyone catch on to my case. This worked, for a little while. I soon became depressed and not wanting to live with myself. By 2017 I was enclosed with no friends and my distanced family forgot my name. It was sad but I couldn't bare looking them in there face knowing how they talked about the people like me. I became home schooled because I refused to talk to the kids in my class, I went to a Christian school. In the later 2017 I went into the bathroom and grabbed scissors. Then I took my long blond hair and cut it like Shailene Woodley in Insurgent. I walked out of the bathroom with very ugly hair, not because it was short because I cut it, and my mom gasped. She had dropped the plate she was washing and ran to me, She questioned why I had did this and I shrugged. I was grounded but was not able to explain to her my actions until my entire family was there. Later that day, me and my mom went to the hair salon and got it fixed. Then the next day I sat my family down, Grandma included, and told them I was a Lesbian. My Grandma didn't take the news so well and eventually, in early January of 2018, moved out because of It. My mom, dad, and brother took some time to get used to the fact but accepted. I know live on as a normal teen going to a regular school rather then home schooled. I also have a new girlfriend who's so sweet to me and had a difficult time coming out to. Thank you for taking the time to read my LGBTQ+ experiences, although in have many more, I am so thankful and will continue to be thankful for everyone that supports me and those who have had rough experiences with being LGBTQ+

Re: Your LGBTQ experiences

hi @TheBearzzz and welcome to RO


thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us, im sure many lbgti members will be interested in reading your story. Well done on coming out! i know thats a pretty big deal esp when those around you are judging those becasue their sexuality doesnt match what they think its right/wrong. 


I am Bi, but havent come out yet but then  the time hasnt really been right either. 


again welcome and i hope you find being here as good as i do. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Your LGBTQ experiences

Hi @TheBearzzz Smiley Happy


Thank you for sharing your story, it's actually really brave of you. Also, congratulations on coming out, especially in such a tough environment. I'm glad that you're with someone now who is kind to you Smiley Happy


I haven't come out as gay yet to everyone in my life because the time's not right, but I trust that I'll know when the time is right.


Also, welcome to the forums! It's really great here Smiley Very Happy