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Bye bye Ben-RO

Hey everyone! After about a bajillion posts and even more High Fives, it's time for me to hang up my keyboard and move on from modding at RO.


I have had the most incredible couple of years here. I've learned so much, grown so much, and seen you all do the same! I really feel like our community is now at the point where it's ready for all of you to help keep it going and growing. There's very few spaces like ReachOut where you can have such a big say on what you want in the community. 


I encourage you all to take on the responsibility and the challenge of making this place the best space it possibly can be for helping people have amazing and happy lives. 


There's a chance i'll pop back on to help out with training up and supporting our mods and perhaps some other things, but for now at least, my last day will be the 20th of December. 


Thank you for being so amazing and teaching so many incredible new skills and ways of looking at the world. You are a strong, smart and resilient bunch! I'm going to miss you all very, very much Smiley Sad 

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What? No way 

Re: Bye bye

Re: Bye bye

You've helped me so much probably more than you realise. Thanks for everything.

Re: Bye bye

It's been a pleasure @j95. I'm going to miss chatting to you and I've learned a lot from you too. Keep going and don't forget that while recovery looks like this: 




You still learn a bit every time, so you never really go back to the start, even when it feels like it. 

Re: Bye bye

Oh man this sucks, but I'm sure you'll do a good job in what your next thing is. Is there going to be someone new or nobody else? @Ben-RO

Re: Bye bye

It does suck @j95 and I'm sad to go. I'm happysadSmiley Tongue. The new place i am going to is going to help me learn a lot more about community stuff. It'll be much more challenging and is what i need to keep growing. 


It's going to take a little while to hire new people. So for now we have some people from Quiip coming back to help out. They'll introduce themselves over the next couple of weeks although i reckon you might know some of them! 


We will be a bit thin on the ground though, so please be patient with us as we work though this tricky bit. 

Re: Bye bye

I hate it when people leave. Ok that sounds alright, like who? . @Ben-RO

Re: Bye bye

What about all that stuff we've been working on @Ben-RO

Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

yes GIF

signature Smiley Wink