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Visit the forums but never post? We wanna hear from you!

Hi guys! I'm Kat from the research team at ReachOut Smiley Happy


You might have seen that we are doing an online study on forum use. We've had heaps of interest from people who post on the forums, but we also want to hear from people who visit the forums sometimes, but have never made a post.


So, if you come to the forums but never post, we wanna hear from you! We're interested in hearing from lots of different people with different experiences, and you don't need to be going through a tough time at the moment to participate. To see if you meet our criteria to be involved and for more info about the study, check out this super quick survey:


Also - if you are able to participate, you will receive a $100 gift card as a thank you.



Re: Visit the forums but never post? We wanna hear from you!

*wishes i could help but has literal thousands of posts Smiley Tongue*

Re: Visit the forums but never post? We wanna hear from you!

Have no idea how to use this forum

Re: Visit the forums but never post? We wanna hear from you!

Hi @kasino - welcome to the ReachOut forum! 

Thanks for posting here about how to use the forum - hopefully I can help you out. 


The forums are a place for you to talk about issues that are important to you, and receive support from other members if you're going through a hard time. They also exist for you to chat to other members, and offer them support if you'd like to Smiley Happy


You've probably noticed that there are a few different "folders" where people can post a new thread.

For example, there's the Tough Times section where people talk about difficult things they are going through, and others can respond with support or information. 
Or the Wellbeing area where we talk about topics and issues. Every Monday night a discussion (called a Getting Real Session) is hosted on a specific issue -tonight, we're talking about grief 

Or you can head to the Hang Out area for general chat. 


If you want to read some specific information about how to post threads go here

Does that help? Let me know if you have any specific questions or issues Smiley Happy

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums!!



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