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Learning a Language

Hey Everyone!

Lately I've become very intrigued about different cultures, ethnicity's and specifically languages. Personally, I think it would be SUPER cool to learn a new language. Butttt (There's always a but), I have this thing where I'm super motivated to do something and then I loose that motivation after a while. Does anyone else get this or is it just meSmiley Tongue?


I was wondering if any of you are bilingual or know some languages and if you could share some tips with me about how to learn. I learn Japanese at school but I'm not very good at itSmiley Very Happy I'm really interested in French or Italian - It looks so nice and sounds so nice!! but if  you guys find that there is a specific language that's super easy I'm happy to try!


I was looking at Korean courses online and the topic was 'Eating' the word itself was easy enough but then there's different words for 'ate' 'eaten' etc. and it is just superr confusing!! Please Help this very confused little beanSmiley LOLSmiley LOL

Who rated this post