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Peeps, I have another issue to bring up that's popped up recently and it's really been getting me down today.


I have a circle of friends outside of school made up of quite a few people who I met in primary school. They have regular get-togethers and I love going to each and every one of them. 


Recently, however, they have stopped inviting me, but they invite one of my best friends who I introduced them to..... It really puts me down and makes me think that they don't want to hang out with me anymore... 


The last few times they invited me, it was on very short notice and I usually couldn't make it because of work. Now they just don't invite me at all and I see them all having fun on Instagram and Snapchat without me.


While I try my best to stay optimistic about the situation and try not to think it's a problem with me...... it's starting to feel like that. 


I'm not sure whether I should leave it alone or confront one of them about it. 

Who rated this post