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Live GR: Labels, labels, labels (Friday 19th of March, 7:30pm AEST)

Hello everyone! How are you all going?


So.. we decided to reschedule our live GR this month for the 19th (this Friday) so we'd have more time to prepare. Sorry about that- we appreciate your understanding! 🙂


This Friday we'll be chatting about everything 'labels'. But what do we mean by 'labels'? Well that's part of the reason we're discussing them, to figure out what the heck they are!


But I think, well, labels can be both good and bad. I think labels are tools used to communicate that something or someone belongs to a group or a category. E.g. They can be a useful way of describing that you belong to a group of people. Or they might be something that is often forced on you by others 😞




According to the dictionary definition, a label is "a word or a phrase that is used to describe the characteristics or qualities of people, activities, or things, often in a way that is unfair"


Well, true, labeling can be unfair, someone might label themself as 'useless' for example, and that wouldn't be a very helpful label, because all it would do is make them feel bad about themselves.


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BUT many people find that discovering a label that suits them is a great thing, like they finally fit into a group. Or for some it might be about the label of a diagnosis that finally gets them the help they need. Many feelings can come from labels, and those feelings can change with time. And so can labels. Labels aren't permanent! Some people find labels very confusing, and might prefer not to use them for themselves, and that's totally okay!


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So I think labels can be good and bad, and they should be encouraged when people find them helpful and positive, but also finding a label shouldn't be a process that is forced on everyone. It's more just an option that's out there if you want!


Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas and experiences with labels in Friday's discussion! I hope to see you there 🙂 Heart


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