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Hey @yeah_it_tahtperson 


Welcome to the community, it's great to have you hear 🥰


I just wanted to jump in here and say I'm thinking of you and that it sounds like you're in a really tough spot. I'm with you in thinking C is a good mark - but I also remember that feeling that my parents didn't agree. I'm feeling for you 🧡


You said that you feel your parents will mock you if you talk to them about your stress, it must be really hard feeling like they won't support you. Is there someone else in your life like another family member or maybe a teacher that you could talk to?


I also just want to link a couple of online supports in case you wanted to chat to somebody one on one, like through eheadspace or Kidshelpline. 

Headspace also has a digital work and study service who can help with support around study stress if you wanted to check them out! 

I'm really glad @celestialdreamer and @happyandhealthy have been able to give some great support here too, I hope you feel really welcomed and supported here @yeah_it_tahtperson  🥰

Who rated this post