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Rookie scribe

I wrote a poem, and I would love to hear what you've got to say about it!

Magnum Opus Of Mother Nature -


There has not been a guttural,

Roar in here for weeks.

It’s unheard of, an earth without,

Its splendid, divine beings.


I start with the very, commonplace cow,

Bovine, blasé, mother-like;

An image of pastoral magnificience,

With her ducks, her frogs, and her brotherly flies.


A swan flies elegantly to her withering nest,

Whereupon higher branches, the raven screams

Nature’s politician, with votes on world domination,

Next to the owl, the supreme court, judge of sinners.


Yes, from the farmland we must steer,

From the country, city, and mayored town.

To a place where sheep no longer bleet,

And the feared lizards are mere prey.


Lush green meadows, where surreptitious unicorns flay,

And dreams of no one else’s comes like a pot of golden sun rays,

There lives a dragon and his pet mouse,

the lion and they play,


Amongst the lush verdant meadows, depths that may,

Take you to the heart of that deep charade,

Of predator and prey, mothers from maids,

A forest, a jungle, and a phantom’s grenade.


Verdicts are final, in their vicious game,

The lion, the tiger, the leopard, the family Felidae,

Magnum opus of mother earth,

Gems of darkness, widows of girth.


Resides in a marsh, this dragon that I may,

Call to your attention, its scaly mane,

Double forked tongue, vaporized eyes, teeth,

Wide, open, the komodo dragon, where he reigns.


Beyond the Jurassic, neolithic, paleolithic mess,

Comes Anthropocene, the mankind,

The evolutionary process, the product of progeny,

The miracle man.


And so, my brother, narrated with a grin from ear to ear,

There are many more, and under the sea, a million!

I want to talk about the siphonophore, but I guess that is for later,

Oh animal kingdom, to me, you always matter!



Who rated this post