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Hi all!


Really excited to be working as a builder, and I look forward to seeing you all on the forum 😄


I actually first found ReachOut in the beginning of this year when I was browsing the Internet for online services that support mental health. What attracted me to ReachOut especially was that it caters support for younger Austrlians in particular and that in operating an online forum, it provides an environment that is safe and non-judgemental for people to give and receive support from each other anonymously ❤️


As I am still quite new to the forum, I have yet to discover many of the threads but hopefully I will find a favourite soon!


As I was saying above, the community that ReachOut provides for young people is so special and admirable to me, and I was inspired to become a part of and help build the community. I also hope in doing so I could grow as a more emphatic, sociable and helpful person.


Currently, during the day I mostly study at university. However, recently I have begun working as a research assistant at the university which have been very exciting and interesting.


One weird hobby that I like to do is going down in wikipedia rabbit holes, reading up on some information that is very interesting but also very useless and uncesssary for life 😆


An all time favourite TV show of mine would be Game of Thrones, as it may have been for many others until the introduction of certain seasons 😏



Who rated this post