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Awww @Rattata that sounds like such an upsetting day 😞 I can just imagine how sad you would have felt waiting for your car to be towed. I'm so sorry that happened. 


I remember feeling EXACTLY the same as you. So tired of applying for jobs, so tired of being rejected and wishing I had more options. It was such a hard time. 


The thing that got me through it was telling myself that it wouldn't always be that way. I continued studying, doing short courses and workshops and trying. It was bleak at times but it got easier. I also remember having to be really creative with how I made money. I would do so many different things, like dog walking, making resumes for people and other random things. (have you ever tried getting odd jobs on Airtasker? that got me through tough times). 


Feeling for you! I hope you can be gentle and kind to yourself. 

Who rated this post