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Bye Bye to Hannah-RO

Hey Community! 🤗


I have some V exciting and sad news to share with y’all. In a few weeks I am going to be finishing up my role as an Online Community Moderator with ReachOut to start a new role with the Department of Education. I will be working as a Student Support Officer at a high school which is a role I am very passionate about and keen to get stuck into.


While this is a very exciting opportunity for me, I am really upset to be leaving this role and the community. It has been an incredible privilege to work at ReachOut and be a part of the online community here. I have loved being able to work with young people who share so openly and give so much of themselves to support each other. I consider it an amazing honour to be invited into that and to watch healing, friendships, support, knowledge sharing, self-care, and resilience, and all the amazing things that are what this community is all about. 


I will miss so many things about this role including finding gifs, talking about cats and pets, overusing heart emojis, AMAAs, discovering bizarre spam, smiling at fun usernames and getting involved in wholesome/hilarious threads and activities.

But most of all I will miss all of y’all - colleagues, community members, volunteers, readers, and supporters who have so generously shared their stories and wisdom and allowed me to learn and grow. I have truly learned so much from each of you and you’ve made me a better social worker.


My last day is Friday July 9th.  Thank you all so much 💙💜🖤❤️

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Who rated this post