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Hey @Rattata 


Ah that is so annoying that your plans have been cancelled ☹️ its kind of hard to believe what is going on at the moment. Totally fair enough to be feeling anxious about going out, I organised an online hang with some friends tonight, is that something you could do?

I'm glad to hear that your dad is getting off your back and is starting to realise the struggles of job applications! Its honestly so wild how hard it is, and the job market is still hasn't recovered since covid which has made jobs even more competitive. I feel like I have had this convo with my dad too and he is a bit oblivious and I'm just like m8 come on. So I FEEL you!

You would be an AWESOME BUILDER!!!!!! I hope you do apply, have you had a look at the application? It is a cool role and if you really enjoyed it you could apply to be a mod in future which would be awesome too 😍


I am going to miss you too @Rattata ! I love talking to young people who share those passions about representation of women and the queer community it is so important to me and I love that it is so important to you too 💜 And thank YOU for sharing your experiences on the forum, it really does help so many other young people feel they are not alone 🏳️‍🌈😻🤗

Who rated this post