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I struggle with procrastination a lot as well @unicorn123! It can be really stressful 😞 There is one technique I use that someone taught me. So each day you write up a task list with 3 sections:


A. (These are the most important tasks that you absolutely have to get done)

B. (These are the tasks that you would like to get done if you had the time)

C. (These are unimportant or non urgent tasks)


And basically each day you absolutely have to finish thetasks and if you finish them you can go onto B and if you finish them you can go on to C


The A tasks have to be realistic and specific goals. So maybe you have to get an assessment done and also some readings and you write it up like this. Remembering you can go onto B only if you've done A. And each day you only absolutely have to do A! If you don't get to B and C that's totally okay



  • Write one paragraph for assessment
  • Readings for tutorial


  • Write second paragraph for assessment
  • Do some study notes


  • clean my room


So in this example maybe you got the A tasks done today but ran out of time or were too tired. That's great! The A tasks were the most important and the B tasks will move up to A tomorrow 🙂


What do you think about this technique? It's up to you if you think it would be helpful!


It's important to give yourself breaks and reward yourself as well. If you schedule your breaks ahead of time this can avoid the procrastination voice saying just 10 mins which turns into 3 hours 😅 Which you then feel guilty about. So instead of taking breaks when you feel like it, tell yourself today I'm going to take a 3 hour break tonight after I've done my work and watch my favourite movie or something like that and then you have that to look forward to


I hope this helps. I'm a master procrastinator myself so I know there can be a lot of other barriers that come up 😞 Happy to talk about anything else that comes up for you if you need 🙂

Who rated this post