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Hi again @bryana, sorry that this took a while.


Some things that can help with memory and concentration can be using scents/ tastes.

So like, maybe you could chew gum while studying and then chew it again 

Or if you use mosturizer or scented soap you could do the same with that.


With homework, I'd normally go somewhere else straight after class and work on my homework a bit before going home, or do my homework as soon as I got home. That way I was still in the right mindset to work and I didn't get as much chance to put it off.


With accomadations, I normally got some around exams, so I'd get a seperate room from my classmates and some time to have a break in the middle so I could cope with my anxiety.

What sort of accomadations are you getting from tafe at the moment?

Is there anything that tafe could change that you think might help?

Who rated this post