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Not at all @DrummaBoy the games threads are my favourite part of the forum! Also welcome to the forums! 😄


I had to look up papoose- ohh it's a baby carrier!


Oh no this is not a question I have the authority to answer oh well here goes


5 ways to organise a messy room

1. Do a big clean, put everything away, throw out rubbish, organise things so they are easier to access, vacuum

2. Pay someone to do it for you

3. Embrace that you are a messy person this is your element

4. If you have cleaned, don't let it get messy again! Put stuff away and don't throw stuff on the floor

5. Pretend you are having a guest over who doesn't tolerate mess and if you don't clean they will shun you


Next one: 5 ways to... keep occupied during a lockdown?

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