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Hi everyone! I'm really excited to join this community and look forward to getting to know you. 🥰


1) I learnt about reachout whilst searching for some online volunteer opportunities 

2) Not too sure about my favourite thread just yet - but I am keen to explore! 

3) I decided to become a builder as I'm finishing my honours year of psychology this year and wanted to broaden my volunteering experience. With COVID I thought it'd be a fantastic opportunity to do something online. I'm really passionate about mental health and love to get involved anywhere I can. I hope to work with youth/adolescents within my career. 

4) During the day I am working on my thesis or going to class. I also tutor undergraduate psychology students through the uni and I volunteer through another organisation. 

5) I don't have any weird hobbies! I do enjoy reading and watching tv shows/movies in my spare time. I'm currently re-watching criminal minds for the billionth at the moment - it's weirdly my comfort show. 

6) Criminal minds is definitley one of them!! I also really love one tree hill 

Who rated this post