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Hi guys! I'm really excited to be joining! 💛


  1. I first found ReachOut a few years ago when I was struggling - I used to read a lot of the articles on the website, which did help a lot! I was then looking for volunteering opportunities at the start of this year & thought about whether ReachOut would offer any, and I was so excited when I saw that they did 😊
  2. I'm still new to the forums so I haven't seen too many threads yet, but right now I'm really appreciating some self-care ones because it's really lovely to see people making an effort to take care of themselves (and I make note of new activities that I want to try myself!) 
  3. I decided to become a builder because I've experienced some mental health struggles myself, and I wanted to be able to do what I can for a community who is working to aid people who are struggling, and to hopefully provide any support that I can to these people too. It's also why I chose to major in psychology at university (which I'm still completing right now) 😊
  4. I spend most free moments during my day giving my dog a cuddle! 
  5. Not quite a hobby but at the moment I'm loving watching the Try Guys on youtube - they just give off such good vibes hahaha
  6. It's a hard choice between Merlin and Gossip Girl!
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